The Struggle of Maintaining Mindfulness on the Road

There is always a new destination in my life it seems. Although I just moved to California, I’ve once again moved across the nation, but this time I had the company of friends. Normally I feel fatigued and lack motivation on road trips, but caravanning with friends made this experience fun and unique from other road trips I’ve done in the past. I still felt fatigued but the sites and time spent with them were rewarding. My Instagram showcases a few of the things we saw while helping friends move to the Midwest and then continuing to the East coast.

Honestly, I can admit I don’t like road trips. As an empath, traveling far distances over a long period of time can over-stimulate my body; it can be rather difficult for me to find my center if I don’t have a silent place to balance my chakras. On top of that, I’m the worst at holding myself accountable when it comes to diet and exercise when I’m stuck in a car for days on end–in this case, we traveled for ten days. As much as I want to say I’m going to wake up in a new time zone earlier than dawn to workout before driving a long distance, it never happens. With my genetics, it’s rather important that I get a good cardio and strengthening workout in more often than not because unfortunately, a hike or walk just won’t be enough for my body to burn calories. Due to this pattern of not working out and eating quickly on the road at quick-serviced restaurants, I usually feel quite terrible in the weeks following road trips. As a result, I wanted to share my struggles on my blog to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to stay health-conscious while on the road because I will undoubtedly be moving again.

My road trip diet and exercise

Now that we are in Florida, Daniel and I have a second to stop, breathe, and unpack our belongings. I’ve been reflecting on my health and contemplating the best way to get myself back into a workout routine and diet. So far, WakeShakes, MCT oil, and my brother-in-law’s PT/weightloss videos (which you can find below) seem to be the reminders I need. I know that if I work for it, I can start feeling better and less sluggish again in no time at all.

I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t workout while traveling. COVID-19 made it hard to workout considering hotel facilities weren’t open and I didn’t want to wake up the guests below my room. I was able to do workouts with my friend in Colorado. Creekstar and I did a difficult boot camp through our online subscription. The result was breathing heavily, trying to control my asthma in extreme altitudes while soaked in sweat. I don’t know how models can travel so often and workout no matter the elevation. Romee Strijd, any advice here?

As far as my diet on the road trip, I feel the effects. I did my best to eat consciously and know what I was putting in my body. I tried to be balanced by eating a salad from Panera, a lettuce wrap from Jimmy Johns, or a WakeShake as a meal replacement to keep myself energized. Still, passing through Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Moab, Vail, Castle Rock, Denver, Mount Vernon, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, we were bound to find interesting foods we had to try that weren’t the healthiest options. For instance, we had a lovely last meal with our friends at Crave before departing Colorado for Florida. The four of us split a few of their options which were a pleasure and a stomachache to say the least: grilled cheeseburger, sweet onion jam burger, or a burger with donuts as the bun. In Vail, which I plan to write about later, I had the best rose honey latte and tried a Swiss bratwurst; the latter wasn’t my favorite. Once in the south, Daniel and I stopped for Cracker Barrel take-out which was another satisfying but harsh meal. Below are a few pictures from my diet and workout experiences while on the road.

My spacing between meals and portion sizes wasn’t amazing either. Some days I felt like I snacked in the car all day while others I was so focused on the curves of the road that mochas were my only chance at sustenance until dinner. Regardless, my meal management was rather poor and now I find myself craving highly sugary, fatty, and carb-dense foods that I normally cut out of my diet. For instance, I ate a lot of bread that I normally try to avoid. Now I find myself craving fried chicken, wanting sandwiches, and desiring carbs of all types like pasta. Which is a big no-no for me unless I’m consistently working out. Thank you, genetics.

Despite the road trip fatigue, I made memories that will last me a lifetime. I enjoyed every minute I spent with dear friends. I hope to write about the places we visited and share the stories that I feel other people will enjoy. For now, I’d love to hear advice, suggestions, or even relatable struggles from other people that have a hard time being health-conscious while on the road!

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  1. I agree, sometimes it is quite difficult to heat healthy while travelling, especially while you are on the road. It seems like there is always an excuse to snack while drivingโ€ฆ..


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