A Pink Night with Madonna

If you’re looking for the pink side of life, then the Madonna Inn is your much-needed vacation spot. This hotel is glamorously known for its signature pink aesthetic and its location at the base of the “Madonna Mountain” (the official name being Cerro San Luis Obispo); the property expands over 1,000 acres of land and around the holidays’ guests can hike to the top to view the mountaintop Christmas tree. One of the best parts about Madonna Inn is that the hotel doesn’t only favor those with pink attitudes although they have plenty of pink to go around. With one hundred ten uniquely styled rooms any wanderlust traveler is bound to fancy one of the rooms themed with rock caves, travel, glamour, waterfalls, and even velvet.

As much as the pool, outdoor hikes, and short drive to downtown SLO shopping make Madonna a perfect family vacation spot, my boyfriend and I were more interested in the romantic aspects of our one-night getaway. As we perused available rooms on the Madonna site a bolded and now very common 2020 statement read, “Due to COVID-19… we have closed our spa.” Yes, this is not your typical hotel. I’d actually classify this as a resort seeing as it has two dining experiences, a full-service spa, fitness center, a pool, hot tub, boutique gift shop, dance floor with live music, on-site wine tasting, tennis and basketball courts, on-site parking, Tesla and EV charging stations, and horseback trail rides.

The Madonna Inn Suite

After debating over lighting, room amenities, and rock features Daniel and I finally decided on the Madonna Inn Suite. The Old World Suite and Caveman room were just as tempting in both price and rock features. However, we ultimately decided we wanted a waterfall rock shower.

The Madonna Inn Suite, room 141, was very amiable to the eyes. Immediately in the space, you see rock walls, a giant fireplace, plush cushion chairs, and a lot of space that was just for the two of us. Some of the amenities included remote control AC, stained glass windows, a private rock bar, velvet curtains, a mini refrigerator in the rock bar, a king-size bed, stone water feature sinks, a dining table, a small closet, and mystical bathroom lighting.

It felt like I was in a fairy tale when I entered the bathroom. I know I shouldn’t have done this with California being in a drought, but I’m drawn to water as I am a Cancer sign. So obviously when I realized the sinks had a built-in water fountain I turned it on and meditatively watched the water run for a few minutes while listening to the therapeutic sounds. It felt like I was in a wonderland with a creek nearby.

Daniel broke my trance with suggestions for dinner. After calling in our order to the cafe, we were informed that they do not have in-room service (even before COVID-19) but the dining rooms were a short outdoor walk away for take-out or limited in-house dining.

Dinner was amazing as we had pasta, vegetables, and wine (for myself). The food tasted as good as the price and to get the full experience of the Madonna Inn we shared a slice of the exquisite Black Forest cake. Superb! I partially wanted to try the Pink Champagne cake, but a local friend advised against it. Apparently, the pink cake is not quite as tasty as it is visually appealing.

The last mentionable characteristic that I truly enjoyed about our stay was the rock waterfall. The shower and sitting bench were both entirely made from rock. Y’all, I am a tall woman and I typically have to bend down in most apartment showers which are very uncomfortable. This shower had a waterfall coming from the top rock which was probably 9′ – 10′ tall. I was in bliss. The stream of water falling wasn’t dinky either. Once on, the water falling is legitimately a waterfall’s worth. A steamy waterfall. It was luscious and a shower experience I will never forget. My S.O. saw I already pinned a similar shower on our future dream house Pinterest board.

Our stay at Madonna Inn was just what we needed in that time in life. The fireplace was giant and relaxing, we had privacy without any noise interruptions, and it was a beautiful escape for the night. It’s the perfect destination for people that want to escape reality for the duration of their trip and be immersed in a pink culture of wonderful service and nature-inspired experiences.

Pretty in Pink

Not sure you want to spend the money to stay here but want photos for the gram? The dining rooms are open to the public! San Luis Obispo, California is the middle ground between LA and San Francisco. It’s the perfect pitstop for a couple hours to get a drink or a nice big slice of Madonna’s signature cake. Although you may not get to tour the rooms, you do have access to see, take photos of, and enjoy the ambiance of the Madonna Inn Copper Cafe, Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House, Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge, and the outdoor Terrace Pool Bar. Even For Love & Lemons scheduled a photo shoot for their 2019 spring collection.

Pink Power Weddings & Events

Pink perk, it’s a great way to spend your bachelorette party with your favorite ladies before you get hitched. Their beautiful secret garden, event center, and lower floor event space are perfect for hosting the fairy tale wedding you have always dreamed of. The staircase is even guided by beautiful lit garland and the public bathrooms have waterfalls. It’s magical in every aspect.

Pink Benefits – $100 Off Special

“Now until October 31, 2020-enjoy $100 off midweek stays (Sunday-Thursday). Valid on new reservations only. The $100 discount is already reflected in our website pricing. No discount code is required and no credit will be applied.” – madonnainn.com

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Please note: this article is not sponsored and I am a solo travel blogger that loves to share her experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions about the Madonna Inn in the comments below the gallery!

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