Mojo Coffee in Minneapolis

If you’re heading to Mojo Coffee, be sure to have a loose sweater to throw on a table. The establishment is bustling and tables are hard to come by. I first heard about this artistic hot spot a few months after moving to Minneapolis. A friend of mine was invited to play an acoustic set on the weekend and I decided to attend for moral support. In the past, I felt anxious about going out in public but I’m thankful I went because this cafe is now one of my few regular places where I sit, drink a latte, and enjoy the ambiance while I blog or work.

This coffee shop caters to more than just its customers in its altruistic effort to be part of the community. The establishment is set in a historic building which gives it a lot of character in addition to the walls of the beanery which act as an art gallery. Shelves upon shelves of artists’ works are available to purchase in addition to coffee and treats. If customers need a moment to ponder which artworks to purchase, they can sip on coffee while enjoying original music from Twin Cities musicians on weekends. As I’ve heard, it’s not easy to get an hour-long slot because of its popularity, high turnover of customers, and it’s an “invite-only” event. People of all ages such as students, elderly community groups, other musicians, and families from the community visit Mojo coffee to either escape the cold or enjoy the vibe. As far as I can tell, it’s a prime location to get your name and music heard. For the few hours I worked at the coffee shop I heard from several local artists including:

Jun Sugiyama

Instrumental musician of various talents. Primarily a bassist but he does play classical guitar for gigs like Mojo Coffee, weddings, or events.

Kaity Joan

The singer from an indie-pop band is seen all over the twin cities playing both electric and acoustic sets. You usually can find her and the band playing gigs on the weekends at local bars. They will be opening at the Garage in June if you’re looking for a great concert this summer.


The teenage acoustic singer-songwriter already has an album on streaming platforms and she’s coming out with a second album soon. It was my first time hearing her music and I enjoyed it a lot.

Daniel DeFoe

Acoustic alternative singer-songwriter, Daniel is multifaceted. He plays at events, mixes, produces, and writes his own songs as well as guitar parts. One of the baristas at Mojo said it best, Daniel is extremely versatile and you’ll “see [his] subtle finesse” in a matter of minutes of watching [him] play.”

What is your take on this artistic coffee shop? Is this a place you’d want to sit down and read a book while listening to live music or are you more of a Caribou Coffee fan? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for future articles on travel, wellness, and lifestyle.

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