Quick Hair Tutorials for the Traveling Woman

Happy 2018 dearies. Every new year marks the start of bright resolutions for people everywhere and they strive to keep those resolutions alive. Sometimes resolutions are successful and other times it’s not quite the cup of tea they thought they could swallow. I can relate because there is one personal resolution I intend to keep; I will post twice per month, at the very least. Now with my cup of tea out of the way let’s move on to the hair tutorials that I am sure you lovelies are looking to read today!

Namaste away from stress when on holiday.

When I go on vacation the last thing I want to do is stress and I definitely don’t want to stress over my appearance. Climate always finds a way to damper my look despite the long hours of planning my daily trip wardrobe. Naturally, my instinct is to fight it with essential hair products and tools, but today I present methods that don’t involve any hair products and/or tools.

Before we dive into our hairstyle saviors, let me explain why I chose these videos. I picked videos that were relatively quick, beginner-friendly, and didn’t use a product (or only suggests too). Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Girl what’s your grudge on hair products?” and my answer is that I don’t have one. Typically, I worship the very bathroom where my hair products and essential tools are stored. However, when packing my entire wardrobe and shower army I don’t have space or weight limit to include hair essentials. Hence the reason for creating this article.

So sit back, appreciate the pug rocking pink glasses, and dive into the hair tutorials.

The simple twist braid

Travel Hair 1.PNG

Thanks to Vivian V–and to my glamorous friend Louise for showing me this video–this simple yet very effective braid turns your slightly damp hair into voluptuous curls and the best part is that you don’t need any tools.

Who would have thought?

Almost too good to be true this twist braid works for any length of hair that can be braided. Simple enough, yeah?
That means women with short hair can apply this technique as well, but several braids may need to be exercised instead of the two. For instance, a lob may need to have two side braids by the ears and two braids in the back totaling four braids.

 This is a great way to let your hair dry mostly before bed and then quickly fix your braids. Easy and minimal stress.

This and the following hairstyles work with each other; the sophisticated braid can transform into a romantic goddess. Either style is totally cute and ready for vacay.

The Twisted Side Braid

Travel Hair 3.PNG

JanaesDayBeau breaks down the side braid process for us viewers. Thank you hair gods for answering our prayers.

The downside to this style for traveling women: pins are needed to hold it, but honestly, bobby pins are tiny and don’t take a lot of luggage space. It’s totally worth the effort.

Upgrade the twisted side braid to:

The Braided Headband

Travel Hair 2.PNG

It’s romantic, pretty, and keeps all your locks in place. It’s pretty easy to pin in place once you adjust your braid to your personal preference.

Again, pins are needed to hold the style, but I’m sure that isn’t a problem if you’ve already decided to do a twisted side braid.
Also, long hair seems to make this style work the best. Sadly my hair isn’t quite at this stage of length yet so I will stick with the side twisted braid until it grows out.

I posted a few braid tutorials, but considering I don’t have too many tutorials left in this post let’s move on to something else, agreed? Cool. 

The messy bun

Travel Hair 4.PNG

This trendy style is customizable to your personal preference of little wisps, volume, and bun size. I was saved by this tutorial countless times and now I can do this style in my sleep. It takes me seconds once you have memorized the method. So, thank you, Zoella!

Regarding length: I had both short and long hair when doing this style. As long as you can get your hair into a ponytail on top with extra strands hanging out to form a bun, you’re all set. Anything is possible if you just believe!

Natural Hairstyles for extra curly

Travel Hair 5.PNG

This video was very entertaining and a little nostalgic. You’ll see what I mean.  Did I mention her video is under five minutes? Ah-mazing. Sadora Paris, you are a hero to women in need of a quick tutorial for every day of the week–and then some. 

Short-Medium Hairstyles

Travel Hair 6.PNG

This first style in the video suggestions a flat iron, but that’s at your own discretion. The hairstyle is adorable and perfect for sightseeing.
Travel Hair 7.PNG

This half-up bun is classic and requires just a hair tie. Minimalistic and easy.
Travel Hair 8.PNG
This looks complicated, but Janna breaks this look down into simple and quick steps.

Did I mention this video is just over 3 minutes–And haters say fashionable people are late. Pffft.

Finally, I will leave you with this tutorial:

9 easy hairstyles from Missy Sue

Travel Hair 9.PNG

That image looks terrifyingly difficult to beginners, but I promise you it’s easy. Especially when Missy Sue breaks everything down. Her nail color is also an inspiration. She’s really workin’ her tutorial with these killer styles and dazzling nail polish.

Granted I can’t say this blog accounts for every possible hair type or texture out there. This was more of a general article, but don’t lose hope! If you YouTube your hair type plus “easy hair tutorial” I’m sure something specific to your needs will pop up.

Tell me about your favorite hairstyles when traveling in the comment section. I’m always up for new styles to try–which inevitably get added to my Pinterest Fails board. No one’s perfect. Seriously, leave a comment and tell me about your fave hairstyles.

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