Why I Decided To Intern Down Under

I just got off the phone with an inspiring human being. Although he is in California running a company, he allowed me to take an hour of his time to chat. We’ve known each other for years and it’s always nice to catch up whenever our busy lives allow us. During our conversation, he referenced my upcoming internship, “Why Australia?”

Well, it’s a calling. Sometimes in life, you can’t explain what is happening and you understand it’s what you have to do to succeed. Several times before, I felt a calling to do something. One example is the Disney College Program back in 2015. There was no talking me out of that program. Presently, I know  Australia is the direction I need to take to finish building my foundation that will propel me in the future toward my goals.

FAQ about my internship:

Who is my internship through?

Start Me Up.

What will I be doing and is it paid?

I will be working on one or several startups. It isn’t paid in currency, but the experience and mentorship are valuable for my future goals.

When am I leaving?

In June I leave from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and I will arrive back in August before the sun rises.

Image result for byron bay map

Where will I be staying?

In a studio apartment with other interns. We will be located in Byron Bay, NSW.  It’s quite close to Brisbane, which is the airport I’ll utilize for my trip.

What am I packing?

At the moment, I’ve decided to work with an athletic-casual style to keep my wardrobe a minimum. Immediately after Australia, I’m headed to the east side of the U.S. to finish my B.S. degree. The winter climate of Byron Bay is similar to the climate of Hilton Head Island–give or take humidity.

Other than the climate and traveling, I decided on an athletic wardrobe because my internship involves laptop work. I’ve heard it’s a casual workspace. Plus, I work out five days a week so that cuts down on my wardrobe size. Also, my weekends will be full of adventures and explorations so breathable and flexible clothing will be necessary.

At this moment, what “necessities” will I pack?

Other than the obvious necessities, I’ll pack my baby blanket (it hasn’t missed an adventure yet and brings the right amount of comfort), earloop masks as a barrier to illness, Airborne, a 1L water bottle, Lara bars, and a Lemurian crystal. I am not about to get sick and my tonsils will not bring me down. Anyone knows the struggle of really large tonsils and illnesses?

What am I most excited about?

Living in a new culture, trying amazing foods, and making new connections.

What am I hoping to gain from this experience?

Well, 8 new blog posts would be nice. One per week… But I am mostly looking forward to getting familiar with the startup culture. It’s a new world that I need to be comfortable with if I am to have a startup of my own in the near future. I have my goals in mind and now need the experience to take in in all the knowledge that I can.

Am I prepared?

Heck no! I need to research the area, watch another documentary on Australia’s most deadly creatures, take a final exam, purchase startup books from Barnes and Noble, and figure out exactly what clothes I’m bringing.

Am I nervous?

No. I like seeing new cultures and meeting new people. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to start something new, but that’s human nature.

As I stated earlier, I can’t say exactly why Australia is my next building stage. It just is. When you know your calling, no one can tell you otherwise. I had several instances in the past five months where people try to sway me from this decision or suggest other routes. I can’t see another path at this point.

Don’t let others persuade you from what you know is the right path for you. It’s difficult, but believing in your own judgment can be the difference in the life you lead versus the life you leave behind. So the next time someone suggests a detour from your goals, be kind, and accept it with an open mind but know that ultimately you choose the path you want to follow. No one else can do it for you. No one else knows you better than yourself, so only you can fulfill the dreams you desperately want to achieve.

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