Disney World Merchandise: The Magical Things I Found in February 2020.

As many Disney-goers will know, Disney has a knack for featuring cute merchandise as well as holding on to classic must-haves for their guests. I want to share the merchandise I either purchased, made note of, or always see whenever I visit Walt Disney World. All the merch I am featuring are from my trip this from this past February, 2020.

Hollywood Studios

Instagram is trending with Loungefly backpacks and matching wallets. It seems no picture is complete in front of Cinderella’s castle without a small backpack paired with its matching wallet. I wasn’t convinced on spending a large chunk of my paycheck on one of the many adorable duos, but it turns out my heart was taken by miniature park icons.

The last pictures feature the most positive door hanger I have ever seen. I love this little guy because it doesn’t have the angsty-teenager vibe. It kindly tells people when I’m blogging or when I’ve completed my blog post and I’m in my happy place.

The China Pavilion

These pur-fect pens and squishable faces were propped adorably on the counter begging me to take them home in the floral purse I was about to buy. Obviously, I couldn’t say no. China also usually carries beautiful jewelry, hair pins, detailed clothing, and many figurines.

The Japan Pavilion

It’s always so happy walking into Japan. I noticed they carried storage-friendly reusable vases, Rilakumma, and lucky cats waving hello in their massive. Over the years, Japan in EPCOT has carried the same merchandise such as these lucky cats. As long as I can remember they have kimonos, sandals, pearls, Nintendo characters, incense, bonsai trees, and samurai swords. It’s always fun to revisit these products as well as be introduced to new ones like the vases and sleep shirt.

Bonjour! Village Gifts at the Magic Kingdom

I feel a deep appreciation for Disney in the fact they allow you to buy a down-sized version of the tapestry hanging in Beast’s Castle. It’s enchanting and beautifully woven. It lets you experience Disney World every day from the comfort of your home. Plus, no tapestry is complete without a little entertainment from Lumiere and Cogsworth. I know these guys are not recently released products but I felt they paired really well with the tapestry for the Disney Goers that want to turn their home into a “Be Our Guest” theme.

Pop Culture in the United Kingdom Pavilion

I am never taking this off. I don’t know how many of you are Sherlock BBC show fans but I freaked out when I saw this in Disney. If you haven’t seen the show, go to Netflix, look up Sherlock and start watching. You won’t regret it and you’ll understand when I say that “the game is on.” #cumberbitch #sherlocked

Animal Kingdom

After conquering Mount Everest you feel relieved to finally be done with the challenges until they throw these cute abominable merchandise at you. It was really hard not to purchase these little happy snow-monsters. However, I successfully walked away from the shop knowing that I and my wallet survived.

The last picture features The Lion King Broadway Show merchandise that was spread throughout the park. My father surprised me with this purchase, but I fell in love with the vibrant colors and the happy faces of some of the most iconic Disney characters. It’s one of my favorite sleeping shirts and it keeps me warm with its long sleeves.

Oga’s Cantina

Okay, this is one of my favorite Disney memories and a really cool experience. I was able to go to a bar in Disney with most of my family and dance to a DJ robot. How cool, right? What’s even better is that Disney has limited edition souvenir mugs to keep the memories of the cantina alive once you’re back home. The current two mugs are labeled “first edition” on the bottom. So I am excited to see what Disney will do with the next editions.

Festival of the Arts in EPCOT

I experienced the Festival of Arts for the first time and it was amazing. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I do paint and draw when I can as a side hobby. It was amazing to see many artists featured throughout the World Showcase in EPCOT, including James Coleman. Artwork predominantly filled the stands but there were trinkets and homemade goods like the Alice in Wonderland mug. I should have purchased it but didn’t for fear of it breaking on the flight to California.

My parents and I were able to talk with James Coleman and his wife while he finalized touches on a painting. It will always be a memory I will fondly remember and use as motivation in my own creative work.

BouTiki at the Polynesian Resort

Above, are a couple dresses from the Polynesian Resort that surprised me with their fashionable aesthetic. I wasn’t expecting to like any of the dresses when I brought them into the fitting room for fun, but it seems one stuck with me.

Honolulu Cookies are the last picture and in the video below. They are a family souvenir favorite. If you have never tasted one, these little premium desserts melt in your mouth, have an exquisite variety, and you can only get them from Hawaii or the Disney Polynesian Resort. These delicacies are available to purchase online, however the shipping cost makes it bite a little. So it’s always worth the trip on the monorail to stop and stock up on these delicious indulgences.

Also, please ignore the audio in the video below. As I was trying to figure out what box set my family members wanted while they were in Magic Kingdom. So pardon my commentary.

I want to hear from you

What was your favorite souvenir that you wanted or purchased from Disney World or Disneyland? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to read all about the merchandise everyone has found. I know I didn’t mention Mickey or Minnie ears, someone must by itching to comment. I’m all ears.

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2 responses to “Disney World Merchandise: The Magical Things I Found in February 2020.”

  1. I love the shoulder buddies little Groot and Pascal from Tangled. Someone else I know loves the lightsaber build and droid depot 🙂


    1. I did see the shoulder buddies! They are so fun to carry around. I think someone actually purchased it when we were there in February. My family was really into the lightsaber and droid building.


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