The Sunken Garden Uplifts Visiting Spirits with Christmas Colors

Last year was a curveball for many traditional events but the pandemic hasn’t stopped the Sunken Garden at Como Park from transitioning out its fall colors to a glorious holiday flower display. The establishment welcomes guests free of charge as it always has in years past. However, a donation is always accepted upon entrance. Tis’ the season to be giving (Fa la la la la la la la la). 😉

Take into consideration, that the premises require both a reservation and for viewers to wear face masks throughout their visit; it’s always good to be prepared. I went with a friend and although we weren’t touring to see the animals, we did take a walk through a few exhibits hopping from building to building. We went on a day when it was 7° F in St. Paul and, although brief, the outside walk to each building did chill us quite a bit. Ultimately, it led us to a quick detour to the cafe for coffee to warm our bones and fingers before heading to the conservatory.

It was a blessing to enter the humid glass buildings. My skin loved the warmth and coastal-like atmosphere. After living on the southern coasts for five years, my skin wasn’t ready for the harsh Minnesota reality of single-digit temperatures. Needless to say, my skin was soaking in every drop of hydration it could get. Including the sweat I was working up from wearing my winter coat and sweater inside. The drastic temperature differences from outside to inside felt like a battle between Heat Miser and Snow Miser. I almost envied the families with strollers because they had a place to put their heavy winter gear. As a content creator, I like having free hands to capture moments as they happen but carrying my bulky outer layers tends to hinder that. Speaking of which, I was glad to get a few decent shots despite the baggage I was carrying. The golden hour set on the Sunken Garden’s holiday flowers making them a little more magical. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden Water Feature

Lights in the Sunken Garden

Flowers and Mini Trees in the Sunken Garden

You can view the dates, hours, and reservation availability on the Como Park website. The holiday featured plants in the Sunken Garden will be presented through January until they switch to Valentine’s Day flowers. Below are a few of my favorite photos from that trip taken at the conservatory outside of the Sunken Garden.

Let me know in the comments if this is an annual trip for you or if you’d like to visit this amazing tropical paradise. Don’t forget to like and subscribe 😉

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