Making an Aesthetic Home

As I’ve discovered myself this past year, I dove deeper into finding what kind of interior design I find most appealing. Ultimately, I found that I like a modern minimalistic style with neutral tones and pops of blue and green colors. I am drawn to beige, grays, and whites, but overall I have a pretty neutral palette in my home. Here are a few ways I’ve turned the apartment into a place I never want to leave.

Less is more

I don’t overcrowd my space. Furnishing my home is more about finding the right amount of practical pieces that add to the room but don’t make it feel cramped. I let the room breathe and enjoy the space. Which includes my working space.


Bring life to your home! Find a plant that works in your space and the care level is manageable. I currently have six houseplants in my home and am gradually adding more. Remember some plants are toxic to animals and children so be mindful of the type of plants you buy. I love my aloe, pineapple, and palm plants but have to be mindful of them whenever I have furry or allergy-sensitive guests come over.

If live plants aren’t your style, Ikea and other stores have a range of artificial plants you can use to decorate your home. You’ll see I still have faux vines displayed in these pictures from my pre-plant days in the apartment. Even though they aren’t real, they still add life to the apartment.


I feel like if I didn’t use aromatherapy every week then I’d be lacking in my sense of smell on a daily basis. Compared to the other senses, I am mindful of my taste, touch, sight, and hearing throughout a normal day. To keep things even, I light candles in my workspace and allow different scents to calm, invigorate, or awaken my sense of smell. I also use candles for “non-functional” and visual purposes to increase the aesthetic of a room or furniture piece. Adding unique candles as table decor is a great way to tie furniture pieces in with the interior style and theme.

Recently, I ordered visually appealing candles that are on the way including the trending bubble cube and the shell candle. I’m pretty excited and hope to share them on my Instagram once I have them displayed.


I have a collection of travel, spiritual, crystal, and mindfulness books but I really wanted to get a book on style. I’ve been fond of studying Chanel’s history lately so I decided to purchase Chanel: Collections and Creations and Intimate Chanel. While I only have one book and am waiting on the other, it looks lovely on my sideboard cabinet. If anything, it’s a great conversation piece.

Sculptures and crystals

My crystals are too pretty to be kept behind closed doors. I display them around the apartment to keep good vibes rolling and positive energy flowing. Also, I’m definitely on the bust statuary train. I currently own a small replica of Michelangelo’s David and love using it for photos. It’s nowhere near the magnificence of the real artwork in Italy but it’s symbolic enough to keep my wanderlust alive on a daily basis.

Neutral tones

Warm beige tones plaster my Pinterest feed as my interest in the color palette increases. Pairing that with creams, greys, blues, and golden yellows is perfection to my artistic eyes. When I discovered my love for cream and beige themes last summer I had to commit to the color scheme. It’s really brought a lot of life into my home and wardrobe. Not to mention everything goes together perfectly. I definitely recommend finding a palette that works for you and sticking with it. It makes all of my purchases, planning, and displaying a lot easier. Not to mention there’s a nice flow to the style of the apartment. After moving around the country these last six years, I’m thankful to have furniture that doesn’t require a lot of effort to match.

Pop of color

I am fond of blue and its calming effects. You can see hints of it in my accent pieces or the rug that I have on the floor. This rug was a gift from my parents and I absolutely love the colors in it. I was worried about the grey tones clashing with the warmer colors but once placed it is better than I imagined.

Wall hanging decor

My inner moonchild called and demanded I keep this moon cycle banner. I was worried this decor from my dormitory days would bring down the aesthetic of the main bedroom but I was pleasantly surprised by the added layer of colors and light reflected into the room. It creates a new element in my photos by creating abstract lighting as the sun hits it.

Accent pieces

Bringing character to the living room and bedroom felt like a challenge at first but then I found great pieces on clearance at HomeGoods. All you need is a statement table, cabinet, or light to give your space extra character.

Coffee bar

My favorite place to go after rolling out of bed–literally. We don’t have a platform for our bed so I can slump out from under the covers without worrying about misstepping. I wasn’t sure if I’d like our mattress on the floor but now I prefer it. That’s not to say if Pottery Barn were to reach out to me with an offer to sponsor a platform bed frame from the Cayman collection, I would probably accept it in exchange for creating a quality content-filled review for them. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, back to the coffee bar. This delightful area of the kitchen and living room is the reason I bounce out of bed so quickly. Every morning, I perk up at the thought of testing my barista skills on a foamy latte and forget about going back to bed; at least, while I have my latte. In the future, I won’t be going without a coffee bar wherever I reside because it’s too convenient and I’ll never go back to being bar-less.

That is all I have for you right now but be sure to visit later for more home and lifestyle posts.

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