An Intimate Photoshoot with Cherry Blossoms

Spring slept in this year even though Midwesterners were impatiently awaiting her return. Despite our prayers, Persephone decided to hit snooze as snow and cold rain continually fell but I can’t be upset about it. Nature can be unpredictable and is naturally on its own time.

While the season started to bloom elsewhere, in Minnesota I carefully planned out a striking outfit from Na-kd fashion to accentuate the blossoms of the vibrant Sakura trees. As March came and went, I realized I may not be able to get a photoshoot with cherry blossoms until April. That was presumptuous of me as it is now late May. Luckily, my waiting and stubborn determination to get intimate with these blossoms paid off. The shots turned out amazing and were definitely worth the wait.

I get excited to see Sakura trees bloom every spring because they symbolize optimism and new beginnings–or a time of renewal. Yes, they are beautiful and that alone is worth visiting these trees but I feel like they take on the meaning of spring; even through the harshest winters these blossoms still find a way to bounce back every year and thrive with ravishing colors.

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring and last for a short period of time. A few places you can see them in the Twin Cities right now are Como Park and Conservatory, the chain of lakes in Minneapolis, and Normandale College in Bloomington (which according to a friend has real “sakura” trees). The lake walks in Minneapolis are bountiful in color right now with many blooming trees and shrubs. If you aren’t in Minnesota, I encourage you to research a local Japanese garden in your area. Sakura trees are native to Japan so there is a good chance you’ll see a cherry blossom tree.

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