This 90s Bag is Trending and it’s Calling You to Travel

As a 90s kid, it makes sense that I bought myself a fanny pack. The trusted small bag accompanied my family on countless vacations, bike rides, or trips to the North Shore of Lake Superior. As I was about to travel outside the country again in early July, I decided it was time for me to adopt my own travel belt bag.

As the fashion industry turns through styles every season, I’ve noted styles from the 90s to the early 2000s have either come back or are in the process already. Tie-dyed shirts, skorts, and tiny hair clips enveloped my childhood. I feel déjà vécu as I see nostalgic style choices reappear on mainstream entertainment services and social media.

As an aging millennial, I hold the retail industry accountable as it pushes these products to play off generation Y nostalgia. A happy childhood memory associated with these products means more sales and eventually more profit; it’s an ingenious formula. Even recently released films refer to the 80s through the early 2000s to increase the younger generations’ interests. If you don’t believe me, then how are Tamagotchis thriving with the technology we have today?

I’m not complaining about the marketing strategies developed in the past few years. Honestly, I’m relieved I can get myself a Tamagotchi so I can redeem the one I lost back in 2002–it was a sad day in second grade. I also have the chance to carry around my own items in a fanny pack while I travel just like my parents did when I was a child. Despite the happy memories surrounding belt bags, there are very good reasons as to why fanny packs are an amazing idea for you to have as a travel accessory.

Clip it, slip it, and be on your way

The most obvious perk is that these baddies clip onto your body and you don’t need to worry about it falling off. As I travel, I enjoy a variety of activities like theme park rides, dining, zip lining, boating, and exploring new sites. As active as I am on trips, I don’t need to constantly be worried about my purse slipping off my shoulder or my wallet falling out of my pocket. The clipped waist bag is the best way for me to travel and not build unnecessary anxieties while I’m exploring on vacation.

Safe or sorry

Piggy-backing off the last perk, the fanny pack makes me feel better about traveling in new areas. While you should still be aware of your surroundings, the little fanny pack can easily be clipped and hidden under my clothes so targeting eyes won’t easily see my bag.

Rain or shine the fun is all mine

We hate to think about it but rain can be inevitable during a relaxing getaway. Even so, pouring rain doesn’t have to be a downer with a water-resistant bag. I intentionally looked for a bag that would repel water knowing I’m likely to be going on boats, dancing in the rain, or accidentally splashed at a club. The last thing I need is my passport, money, or phone getting soaked just before I need to use them. What a nightmare that would be while abroad.

Make a Statement

Whether it’s a trendy bag now or forever staple, I will continually be wearing my fanny pack as I travel regardless of what the fashion industry has to say because fashion is about self-expression. By chance, fanny packs have made their second debut in the fashion industry but this time it’s all over different brands’ websites. As it happens, the belt bag is making an appearance slung over the shoulder of a model showing off the season’s hottest releases on Alo Yoga, Athleta, Lululemon, Lively, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, and so many others. This seemingly unanimous decision to deem belt bags “trendy” once again has given consumers a plethora of choices.

Scroll down below for a few honorable mentions.

Pack it up pack it in

One of the best parts about a belt bag is that you don’t need to worry about its shape getting ruined in your luggage. It’s pliable and the material usually isn’t easily scratched. Big enough to carry essentials and small enough to pack in your luggage, this travel bag will make you want to leave your non-adventure handbags safe at home.

Location location location

Accessibility is key when you’re in a quick-moving line, the staff requested your ID card, and you have a million things in your bag. Despite being small fanny packs have surprisingly easy storage solutions so you don’t need to have a “where’s my wallet” moment on vacation.

Dine and Relax

Ever have that feeling when you set your bag down to eat that you need to keep track of it? Yes, me too. It feels ridiculous because it won’t grow legs and wander off but I’m a paranoid customer when it comes to my bag. Most of the time, my bag holds valuable items majority of the time while I’m on vacation. With the fanny pack, I feel I can relax as I eat at different establishments without cause for concern for my bag.

A few options I considered while preparing for my Mexico trip

LuluLemon Everywhere Belt Bag


Duluth Pack Medium Fanny Pack

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