My Recommendations for Your Next Trip to Brissie (Brisbane, Australia)

I never imagined I’d relate to a family of dogs as well as I do today. Debuting in 2018, Bluey became a popular Australian kids’ show and later streamed on Disney+. Initially, I never would have watched this show as I scrolled through nature documentaries on Disney’s streaming platform. If it hadn’t been for relatives and their little ones, I wouldn’t have experienced Bluey and her family’s imaginative episodes.

As I went through the seasons, I took note of the scenic backgrounds. The trees, locations, and overall setting in the episodes looked very familiar; more specifically, season 2 episode 33: Ice Cream. I needed to research the show and realized Bluey is based in Brisbane, Australia. I felt a spark inside me light up as I reminisced about locations that were featured in the show. I hadn’t truly shared daily outings or businesses I’d frequently visited while working in Australia. Thanks to Bluey, I felt inspired to share more memories of my internship that involved my daily routines rather than work-related outings.

Fortitude Valley: “The Valley”

A business hub by day and a hot spot for clubbing at night. My life in Australia surrounded The Valley all hours of the day which is why it’s at the top of this list.

River City Labs

Nothing feels more official than swiping your badge to scan into a coworking space. My most notable highlights from this coworking space were the seminars, networking events, and the ability to mingle with other startup teams while working on my own project.

Travello App

Luckily, Live Wandering (this blog) landed me an internship with Travello App. This was the turning point in my life where I started to learn about marketing, startup culture, and how to utilize social media to my advantage for brand marketing. While I tuned my writing skills, I also participated in team events, structural meetings, and campaigns. Travello App is still my fondest company I worked for and if I had the chance to move back to Brisbane, I’d probably apply to work for them again. Check out the Travello app here.

Sushi Kenzen

My Travello supervisors showed me this spot while going out to lunch and it became my daily luncheon. While I should have been preparing my own meals at the apartment, I couldn’t pass up on the veggie sushi for only $3 AUD a roll. Unfortunately, the shop isn’t opened any longer on Brunswick St. but I’m hoping the business is or will revive somewhere else in Brisbane.

Savile Row

If you can find it, a vintage-infused speakeasy with hints of steampunk lies beyond a hidden orange door. After you enter, you’ll find yourself standing before a wall with hundreds of Australian spirits. If you like having a variety of spirits to taste test or just want a nice outing with friends, this hidden bar is worth the search.

Cloud Land

Immerse yourself in a world of giant blossom booths, velvet seats, gold accents, and chandeliers. I was sad it took me a month to discover Cloud Land. The luxurious interior and service make you feel like you’ve entered another world.

Brisbane Central Business District

This is a bustling part of Brisbane where the bridge can be viewed with the cityscape as you stroll along the river with a coffee and croissant in hand.

Adelaide Street

What better way to talk about my experiences than by showing you the place I called “home” for two months. I was exposed to the middle-of-the-city lifestyle while working full-time hours in the central business district. This centrally located hub made everything in Brisbane extremely accessible. From lake walks, gardens, farmers’ markets, and ferry rides to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. I lived with four other females also attending university in 2018 but we were from all over the world. Our five-bedroom apartment was a place to make memories to last and I still reminisce on this apartment to this day. The view and massive windows are still apartment features I look for today when I apartment hunt.

Le Bon Choix

While the walk was only ten to fifteen minutes to River City Labs and the Travello office, I always made sure I had plenty of time to stop for coffee. It became part of my routine to get coffee at this local artisan patisserie. The mochas weren’t loaded with sugar like the U.S. and the nutella donuts were an item I splurged on every now and then. I have yet to discover another cafe like this one in the United States.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Whenever I needed a break from the city lifestyle, I took an afternoon jaunt a few blocks over from my apartment complex to visit tropical plants and beautiful gardens. Even though it was Australia’s winter, I was still surrounded by northern hemisphere summer temperatures and foliage. City and rural life mixed together made it the best of both worlds.

Queen Street Mall

A ten-minute walk from StudentOne, I purchased all the necessary accessories from this mall. Including my grocery shopping. The culture shock felt intense at first but after my first week of walking to and from the mall to get my groceries, it became second nature. Meal planning was a necessity as I only could walk with as much as my arms could carry. Other places I’d visit regularly were beauty, fashion, and souvenir shops.

Sushi Edo

Okay, I never thought I’d write the words “chicken sushi,” but Sushi Edo is the exception. This restaurant was my first introduction to sushi train-style restaurants. The chefs make sushi plates in the middle of the restaurant and place each dish on a conveyor belt. From there, guests choose which item to grab as the plates move by the table. To pay, each person counts the number of each colored plate and gets a bill from a staff member. Every time we visited, we devoured more than our stomachs could expand. The food was delicious and efficiently delivered. The restaurant remains one of my favorites to this day.

The Brisbane Riverwalk

It never fails. If there’s water in the area, you’re bound to find me near it at some point along the trip. I can’t help it that I’m drawn to water. In my Instagram story, I announce my excitement about the Riverwalk early on during my stay in Brisbane. It quickly became a daily ritual for me to jog the bustling walkways with other nine-to-five workers.


The girls and I would meet for drinks after work down the street from our apartment building. I’d regularly order the hot mulled spice rum as a way to warm my hands while feeling the breeze off the river. The drink and atmosphere brought a little bit of Minnesota comfort to me while sitting half a world away.

South Bank

The place where you’ll find markets, sunshine, and university students hitting the festivities and taking the edge off of a long week.

Streets Beach

Normally, when I think of a city I can think of one major thing that sets it apart from others. For example, the Sydney Opera House, the Golden State Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and N Seoul Tower. Some argue that Brisbane City Hall is the most well-known landmark. However, when I think of Brisbane, I think of the community pool in the middle of the city where you can swim with a skyline view. It was pretty incredible to see first-hand because pictures and video just don’t do it justice.

South Bank Grand Arbor

You can see it in the pool photos above but the grand arbor is a structure that runs over a long path. Beautiful pink bougainvillea blossoms cover the arbor. Brisbane was my first introduction to bougainvillea as they aren’t a common flower in Minnesota where I grew up. They quickly became one of my favorite flowers. Within the area of the massive arbor, vendors sell delicacies and treats. I can imagine the number of kids wanting ice cream as they go to and from the pool.

As I finish this article, a feeling of homesickness comes over me. A heaviness sits in my chest. I feel the impulsive side of me start to rise. I have this uncanny urge to visit Australia and even live there again. While there are many other cities to explore, I truly felt in sync with the culture and lifestyle in Brisbane. If I don’t move back at some point in my life, I’ll be visiting again because it was and remains my favorite place I have lived thus far in my life. Its safety, earth-conscious, and humanitarian-style environment were unlike anything I have experienced while living in other cities and states.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about Australia and Brisbane if any fellow travelers have visited before. Let me know in the comments if you have been to one of the places I mentioned above.

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