Skincare Routine: Long Flight To Oz

Normally when I fly in the United States it only takes a couple hours to reach the destination so I never understood the consequence of not having a flight routine. On shorter flights, I got away with drinking coffee, not sleeping, and pretty much dehydrating my body as much as possible. I found out the hard way on my trip to Ireland that 13 hours of recycled air and lack of sleep are exceptional assets to dulling skin.

As a result, one year later I made sure to learn from my mistakes and take care of my skin to-and-from Australia. An unexpected challenge came my way when hormonal acne started to appear six months ago. As a preventative action, I did extra research on ways to reduce further inflammation and scarring on my face.

It’s never a good feeling to leave a flight with irritated skin.airline

Below you’ll find my successful personal routine that anyone can alter to fit their skin needs.

Products used in carry-on

Makeup remover

No. 7 makeup remover wipes


Eminence Moisturizing Lotion


MAC’s Prep + Prime Mist

Miss spa

Miss Spa paper facemask


Patchology undereye gels

Skincare Routine

Before take-off

After taking my seat I immediately remove all makeup with makeup remover and cleansing clothes. Once my face is clean I follow with a generous application of moisturizer.

First hour of flight

In my carry-on, I stash two giant bottles of water and my skincare supplies. Within the first hour, I’m making sure to drink water constantly. Typically, I shoot to use the restroom every 2 hours or less.

5 hours into the flight

My face started to feel dry about five hours after my initial moisturizing. So I sprayed my face lightly with my MAC spray and then moisturized again with Eminence. I made sure to work the lotion into my skin and give my face a relaxing massage.

Sleep/halfway point

I always look forward to this part of the flight. I love using my fuzzy cat sleeping mask and fluorescent orange earbuds, but I thoroughly enjoy using a paper face mask while sleeping. I looked like a scary gremlin, but it was totally worth it.

Carefully, I apply the moisturizing paper facemask and smooth it flat on my face. I then place the sleep mask over the serum soaking into my face. Once the mask drys I take it off and massage the rest of the serum into my face and neck. This is a great way for me to get ready for sleep because it’s a self-pampering and tranquil session.

Few hours from landing

After sleeping an adequate amount, I wake up and moisturize again. My rule of thumb is that whenever I feel like my skin is flaky or dry, I moisturize.

One hour before arrival

I prep for my about-to-land makeup routine by using eye gel patches. The Patchology brand I use is either for crow’s feet or eye baggies. I personally love using the wider ends closer to my nose to rid of the dark puffy circles under my eyes. Once the gels are set, I remove and pat in the rest of the gel serum. The final step is to apply my priming moisturizer and then start applying makeup.

Current thought: Once I’m through customs, I’m running to a coffee shop.

Helpful tips

Jealous of the French Toast Brekkie?
  1. Don’t accept drinks that will dehydrate your body. ie. alcohol, coffee, and soda. It is a temptation, especially with a full bar in business class but unfortunately, your skin will hate you for it. Try to stick with hot water, bottled water, and tea.
  2. Drink one bottle of water every hour (16.9 oz/500 ml). Going to the restroom seems tedious on a plane, but you’ll thank yourself later for being hydrated.
  3. Use Antibacterial wipes to clean your area and hands. Remember that the air is recycled.
  4. Bring a sleeping mask and earplugs. Sleep is essential for our bodies to function and stay well. I personally am an advocate for sleep because as my name suggests, I am no different from a normal cat. Just give me a warm spot and I’ll knock out for a catnap.
  5. Bring food you know you’ll eat in case the flight doesn’t have edibles. It’s good to have a backup plan in case you don’t like your options for a long flight. I brought Paleo bars that were filling and delicious (Lara bars–check ’em out). They were perfect for satisfying tummy grumbles.

I’ve never felt this flawless and on fleek after a flight.

I definitely recommend a skincare routine to anyone seeking a flight refuge plan. The right face masks are worth looking like a gremlin for a little while and the best part is that nobody cares what you are doing in your seat. The flight attendants have seen far weirder things than a 20-minute mask. What have you got to lose when it’s a self-pampering session?


Tell me about your travel tips for a long flight! For more travel hacks, subscribe below.

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4 responses to “Skincare Routine: Long Flight To Oz”

  1. ohbeautydirect Avatar

    Love this post! So smart to use flight time as a mini-spa with your favorite skin care products. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.


    1. ohbeautydirect Avatar

      Also, hope you had and amazing time in Australia!


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