Calm Your Nerves

With the world watching, the pressure of the US election results, allegations, and recounting ballots leaves everyone in anticipation. As we develop carpal tunnel from refreshing our screens so often, it might be time to take a break with “Satisfying Videos.” Below are several videos I discovered as I found myself needing to take a much-needed break from the four-day streak of election results.

Café Drinks and Delicacies

Okay, I just stumbled upon Zoe’s channel tonight. One of her videos had me so intrigued that it inspired this article. Zoe is a YouTube café vlogger based in Korea. Before the pandemic, she vlogged daily about life behind the café counter. Her videos consist of happy music, limited words, and typical café duties such as taking orders, making beverages, and preparing bakery items.

Korean Cafe Satisfying Food and Beverage

I’ve been an Instagram follower of Hanse for a while and if I had known that being a barista could feel this artsy back in the day then I may have continued being one. In any case, Hanse is another cafe-esque themed vlogger that I had to share with you because the video sounds and visuals are too appealing to keep to myself.

Hanse YouTube vlogger

Meditate with Calm

The Calm app and I go back a couple years when I started taking meditation really seriously. Now I don’t rely on it as often but in stressful times this little pocket buddy always comes through.

Breathe with the bubble
Alleviate feeling worried guided meditation


Tingting’s YouTube channel focuses completely on ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Google defines ASMR as “a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.” I happen to be one of these people that enjoys certain sounds and not others. ASMR really isn’t for everyone but it’s fun to listen to if you’ve never tried it.

The video below was created by a YouTuber dubbing himself “The Tingle Doctor”. I haven’t watched many of his videos but in the non-talking video he uses a Tibetan Singing bowl to calm viewers. Research suggests singing bowls have calming effects on a person’s mind and overall wellbeing. Viewers commenting on the video after listening have backed those research results with their positive feedback.

Zen Garden

Zen Gardens are a natural method used by the monks to calm the mind.


As skillful as they are artistic in their practice, the chefs below demonstrate their skills for a visually appealing show.

Oddly Satisfyings

Snapchat led me to my discovery of trending “oddly satisfying” videos. From sand and slime to floral foam these trending videos have a following and you may be surprised to find that chopping soap is just what you needed to calm down.

Soap chopping
Floral foam scrunching
Slime squishing
Coloring away stress

Make sure to subscribe to become a Live Wanderer if you haven’t yet! I hope this article and the videos were able to calm you down and give you a little break from the stress of the 2020 US Presidential Election. Let me know if you had a favorite video in the comments below!

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