No Food for 3 Days: “Get Back To Your Roots” Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses aren’t new and with the trend having become so prominent in the U.S. it’s hard to decipher if drinking only liquids for three days is a safe practice or not. A lot of the bad rap comes from those that oppose the idea of starving yourself. While I understand that point of view, I have to argue it and say that drinking calories is still intaking calories even if you aren’t chewing them. Fun fact, fasting, cleansing, and detoxing practices have been around for centuries. In some religions, you’ll find devout followers will fast for certain occasions or periods of time based upon their belief system. Many people have written articles about the benefits of juice fasting that align with their belief system. To say the least, it isn’t very uncommon for people to do some sort of fast.

For my own reasons, I decided to do a juice cleanse. I want to make it very clear that the cleanse I purchased was exactly that: a cleanse. My mentality focused on a more holistic approach in that the cleanse gave my body a chance to reset and breathe by not consuming bad nutrients. I have stressed my body by consuming whatever I wanted for the past twenty-something years and it deserves a break. Some people do juice cleanses as a way to lose weight quickly but I am not one of those people; still, recorded my weight throughout the process because I know people will want to know if I lost any weight while reading my review.

Honestly, I decided to purchase this cleanse for several reasons: I can’t press lightly on my abdomen without discomfort and I feel bloated all the time. Throughout the years, I have done the paleo diet on and off when I could afford it so I’m sure the inconsistency doesn’t help my digestive track either. In any case, my gut needs a break. After practicing reiki on myself, I have been drawn more and more to the idea of doing a cleanse to give my body a break and to help enhance my reiki practice. Regardless of my reasoning, everyone should respect their body and listen to it which is what I am doing.

Why Pressed Juicery?

After an immense amount of research, I purchased three of Pressed Juicery’s Cleanse 1 packages. One pack includes six beverages you can drink throughout the day. In addition to the three-day cleanse, I purchased three hydration shots. Each day, I’ll add an aloe vera or chlorophyll shot to water and drink it throughout the day to get an added boost of hydration. Pressed Juicery sends you a small hand guide that covers topics about the products, how to do the cleanse, FAQ’s, and benefits of juicing. The following bullets are the reasons I decided to purchase this cleanse in particular:

  • Price: It’s affordable because they use local suppliers and in-season products which keeps the cost down. The down-side is that it isn’t organic. My total came out to around $120 with tax and shipping which wasn’t too badly priced for the market of a three-day juice cleanse. Plus, I got the additional hydration shots so I felt like it was a good deal overall.
  • Bottles: The bottles are BPA-free and recyclable,
  • Compost: They actually recycle their byproduct and that’s a huge win in my eyes.
  • Information: Their site has an incredible amount of information and their customer support has amazing reviews. I didn’t need to contact them during my cleanse but I felt comforted knowing that if I needed support they would get back to me.
  • Packaging: The box and ice packs are recyclable. Just make sure to drain out the non-toxic water-based gel first!
  • Shipping: The cost of shipping was a flat rate of $15 for every $99+ order right now or you can get it amazon.
  • Cleanse 1 Juices: The juices included in the first cleanse are vanilla almond, greens 2, roots 2, citrus 2, greens 3, and chocolate almond.

My Experience Over The Three Days

Day 1: can I really do this?

The morning started out well as I was mentally ready to dive into a three-day gut detox. Nothing was going to persuade me otherwise–or so I thought. I honestly hadn’t prepped the previous week like the guide suggests but I figured it would be a great example of what not to do before a master cleanse for your body. The previous week, I had processed foods, wine, and didn’t hydrate regularly enough. These are all strongly discouraged by Pressed Juicery because it will make the transition to juicing harder. Regardless, I woke up not hungry but went ahead to the first drink of the cleanse–you can read about my thoughts on each drink below. The next couple drinks were fine and I cautiously tasted each but by midday I caught a couple snags. I felt tired and kept fighting the idea of food for dinner. On the positive side, my focus was still in tact for work and I never got a headache. It was later in the afternoon and I discovered a couple drinks that took me longer than the other drinks. I felt the most hungry in the evening around 3:00 pm. Which is when I had one of the ginger-green drinks. I drank it really fast to get through it but I instantly regretted that decision. I felt nauseous and couldn’t drink my last drink of the first day’s pack. Luckily, I worked out before feeling nauseous because I can’t imagine how it would have felt trying to workout after feeling so sick. By the late evening, I started having stomach cramps and I felt nauseous still so I decided to drink a serving of vegetable broth to get something warm in my stomach. It seemed to help and I went to sleep without a problem. The quickest thing I learned, was to space out each of the six drinks to last an hour, at least, I was able to curb hunger most of the day. On the even hours, I drank water with the hydration shots and had juice on the odd hours. It seemed like a good system and worked well for me.

Day 2: just keep smiling.

The second day was the roughest and not because of hunger pains. When I woke up, I had a massive headache and I felt nauseous for most of the morning. I wasn’t hungry and decided to blast my body with water. Around noon, I was able to finally drink the vanilla almond beverage. That being said, I delayed a lot of the drinks I “should” have taken by 1:00 pm. However, I listened to my body and understood that it didn’t want juices at those times. So, I moved throughout the day having each drink later than scheduled. In addition, I skipped the ginger-green juice for day two because it made me feel so sick the previous day. Instead, I drank the rest of the chocolate almond drink from day one to get the necessary calories in. On the second day, I felt sluggish and light-headed, I couldn’t focus, and I had a headache for most of the day. Thankfully, my headache disappeared just after 7:00 pm so that was a blessing to be able to sleep without any issues. It was the longest feeling day and I had to constantly remind myself that I was giving my body a much deserved rest despite how I was feeling. I believed that I was getting the necessary toxins out that I’d been harboring for so long and that’s what kept me in the game.

Day 3: officially regal status.

The last day was extremely shocking for me and went way better than the other two days. I woke up feeling energized and I was able to focus on my work and even had the energy to work out. No headaches, cramps, nausea, or ailments. My schedule was similar to that of day two in that I wasn’t hungry in the morning so I waited to eat later and I skipped the ginger-green juice again. It was odd seeing how the juice cleanse not only helped my body and mentality but it also brought me closer to my fitness goals. I used to be a college athlete and one of my current fitness goals is to feel “lighter” like I did during my college days. That being said, I was so happy during my HIIT workout with jumping, bouncing, and cardio because I felt so much lighter on my feet. I didn’t feel as weighed down as I did at the beginning of the cleanse. It felt really good and it was good knowing my body was accepting the juice cleanse and purging out the toxins I’ve held for so long. When I looked in the mirror on the third day, I did notice my stomach was flatter compared to the previous two days but I was expecting that considering I only drank liquids. Overall, I felt like a queen on the last day that was ready to take on the world. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after having two extraordinarily rough days.

Cleanse Thoughts

It felt really good knowing that I can listen to my body be able to understand what I need or don’t need. It was a great feeling to give my body a break and I feel like it really worked! The three-day cleanse was perfect for me and I may try it again in the future. It was a massive test on my mental willingness to ignore smells or reject tasting a few bites of my partner’s dinner but after finally finishing it feels amazing. It did exactly as I’d hoped for my abdomen; I don’t feel discomfort any longer and I feel that my digestive track received the break it needed. As far as the future goes, I hope that this cleanse will help my portion control, food consciousness, and overall how I’m taking care of my body. At first, I felt guilty for not following this cleanse precisely but I realize that the cleanse is just a general guideline. Everyone’s body is different and if my body was rejecting one of the juices then I shouldn’t be trying to force myself to consume it. I love that I was able to rebuild my connection with my body and understand it better. That and being able to give it a break were my two goals for this cleanse. I’m extremely happy with the outcome and am excited to move forward knowing I can give my body what it needs: nutrients, appreciation, and exercise. I extend massive gratitude to my friends, Kelly and Creekstar, who suggested I finally do this. They, and my very patient boyfriend, are true supporters in my life and it was wonderful having that support during this cleanse. Also, I’m very grateful for food. I find myself appreciating the food in front of me rather than mindlessly grabbing for my fork. Finally, I’m excited to practice reiki post-cleanse to see its effects on me–if you’re interested in a reiki session, fill out the form below!

Beverage Thoughts

Vanilla Almond- 250 calories

I love the color of this drink. It’s a beautiful off-white. It is a smooth blend of almond and vanilla and the taste isn’t overpowered by the sweetness of the dates. It’s kind of like a really healthy marshmallow beverage. My first thought was that I could taste exactly what is in the drink. I didn’t mind the fine-grain texture as I’m used to drinking almond milk. With this drink, I found myself looking at the clock trying to intentionally draw out the hour with this nut-blend. It’s really good and that’s saying something because I’m not one for favoring vanilla.

Greens 2- 140 calories

I wasn’t expecting to hate this one but I wasn’t expecting it to be a solid fave either. Right away when I tried it, I was hit with the bite of the lemon and a pinch of parsley. It’s not too bad in taste and I could pretty much taste everything in it: apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, spinach, kale, and parsley. It basically is dense in yummy nutrients that are healthy for my body. Being completely candid, this one feels good mentally to drink because I can taste everything I’m consuming. It’s a win-win.

Roots 2- 150 calories

I was the least excited to try this drink. I like ginger when it’s subtle but I read many reviews saying the ginger was overpowering. I was astonished to find out the smell of the drink was quite pleasant. At first taste, I got apple, lemon, and carrot followed by a dose of ginger. The spiciness lingers afterward in my mouth and throat. It’s kind of nice with the lemon actually. To me, the drink is bearable and I appreciate the sweetness of the apple in this drink. It’s definitely one that I drank faster to get the nutrients rather than sip and enjoy it for the hour.

Citrus 2- 240 calories

I am beyond thankful to have citrus 2 follow roots 2. It feels and tastes so refreshing. It feels like roots 2 is the hot summer and citrus 2 is the iced tea taking the heat off of me. I applaud the layout of this cleanse’s design. The apple, lemon, and pineapple are very tart but the mint gives it just enough of a punch to make it a well balanced taste. It’s very tarte though so expect a bit of a sour bite when you drink this.

Greens 3- 130 calories

My arch nemesis. I thought I was over the ginger hump but this drink takes that cake. At first taste, the drink is very similar to greens 2 in this cleanse. I was drastically wrong because once I got down a few mouthfuls my throat started to sting with spice. The ginger was so overpowering that I recklessly chugged the drink to get it down. That decision ultimately led me to feel nauseous and not want to consume anything but water to get the taste out of my mouth. I can’t even describe the taste because I was trying so hard not to taste the drink. Ultimately, this was the least favorable tasting drink of the cleanse. Fear not, if you like ginger then this drink will be one of your favorites.

Chocolate Almond- 250 calories

It’s a chocolate milkshake without the added sugar. It’s perfect for a post-workout boost and for the last drink of the day. It is my absolute favorite and the cacao isn’t too strong. You can definitely taste it and as a chocolate lover I appreciate the dates in this drink to help sweeten the taste. It’s very smooth with a similar fine-grain texture that the vanilla almond drink hosts. Overall, this is one-hundred percent my favorite.

Additional Boosts- 0 calories aloe vera and chlorophyll shots

The aloe vera shot doesn’t taste as I had expected. I’ve drank plenty of aloe shots in my day and they have helped with my digestion in the past. To my surprise, the aloe vera shot has a very distinct flavor to it; the best way to describe it is a subtle “green leaf” taste. I feel like I’m drinking directly from a plant which I technically am. It’s different from any aloe shots I’ve taken before but I’m not disgusted by it. After I knew what to expect it wasn’t anything that put a damper in my day. It was easily diluted in water and I drank it throughout days one and three.

On the flip-side, I was quite anxious to try the chlorophyll shot because I tried a kombucha with chlorophyll in it about two years ago. The taste was so awful I had to toss the drink. Needless to say, it scarred me. Regardless, I am happy to report the chlorophyll shot also tasted like it came from a plant: mulberry leaves to be exact. One shot was enough for me to dilute it in over five bottles of water.

Frequently Asked DM’s

  • What was your favorite?
    • Definitely the chocolate almond drink. I’m addicted to sugar and sweet things so it was nice to end each night with a sweet treat. I’ll be interested to see if I still have the same sugar addiction now that the cleanse is done.
  • Were any of the drinks hard to get through?
    • The roots 2 was a bit challenging but nowhere near greens 3. I’m one that likes sweet over spice and I am not a big fan of ginger.
  • Did you workout like normal?
    • First and foremost, I listened to my body. The point of the cleanse was to give my body a break. I didn’t need to stress it out by over exerting myself in exercise. I felt hydrated enough to do the workouts I normally do so yes I did workout like normal. However, I highly recommend talking with your doctor about doing a cleanse and working out. You don’t want to overdo it 😉
  • Did you feel any lighter?
    • I didn’t on the first day although my bowel movements seemed regular. I didn’t start to feel lighter until the third day and I was ecstatic.
  • How hungry were you?
    • On the first day, I didn’t start to feel hungry until I walked into my apartment and smelled the dinner my boyfriend was making. That was rough but I survived. #fighting
  • Did you crave food or miss chewing?
    • No cravings in particular I just wanted food. Just food. Seriously, the nights were the hardest for me. I craved food in general. Especially when my boyfriend made anything in the kitchen. As far as the chewing goes, I actually rather enjoyed drinking all my meals.
  • How much water did you drink?
    • I drank around 2.5 liters a day. Some water had aloe vera or chlorophyll in it while others were just water.
  • How many calories did you consume in a day?
    • The cleanse pack with the hydration shots all together are 1160 calories.
  • Did you lose weight?
    • Yes, but obviously when you don’t eat solid food, you consume less calories, you’re drinking more water than you’re probably used to, and you’re still working out you are likely to lose weight. I have a feeling majority of my weight change was from water loss. In total, I lost five pounds or 2.3 kg after weighing in on the last morning.
  • Why didn’t you show before and after photos like other vloggers and bloggers?
    • My intention in doing the cleanse and this article was to reset my body which is something that is going on inside that a normal camera can’t see. I want the intention of this article to stay true. This article isn’t about weight loss specifically but rather it’s about taking care of my body and allowing it to take a break for three days while getting fruitful nutrients that it needs.
  • What was your drink schedule?
    • That isn’t easily answered so go check out my highlight reels on Instagram @liv.wandering for the full schedule over the course of three days.

Thank you so much for reading. If you liked this article and would like to see similar ones in the future be sure to like this post and subscribe to Live Wandering. Did you have similar experiences when cleansing or were they entirely different from mine? I’d love to hear from you below in the comments!

Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored article. I don’t know the ramifications of a cleanse for people who do and do not have pre-existing conditions. I do not recommend anyone try a juice cleanse without consulting a physician. If you think it’s something you want to try please consult with your doctor first and make sure to ask your doctor any questions related to your health that you may have for a juice cleanse.

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