LIVELY: Supporting Women Through the Holidays

As the holidays approach, I want to make sure I have the ladies covered. I mean literally covered. It’s that time of year to celebrate in an outfit that screams ‘new you!’ The ending of the old and starting with the new are joyous times and females need a good support system. Cue LIVELY, a woman-owned company that started its journey in 2016–*fangirl scream* it’s the same year I started Live Wandering.

I realized I’ve been using LIVELY products since 2018 and haven’t actually written about it. This brand has carried me through many transitions in my life from moving abroad to Australia and back, pursuing my fitness journey, and being my best travel companion. As women’s best supportive friend, I decided it was time to share this brand’s true attributes with my female followers just in time for the holidays.

Our story is simple: we’re inspired by what makes a woman sexy; smart, healthy, active and outgoing. Our products and mindset enable us all to live LIVELY.


Foreword: Redefining Bras

Most of us know the meaning of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Its image is all the same: perfectly cut, thin, defined, attractive women. I want to be clear, I’m not saying anything against that lifestyle but in this post, I want to focus more on how LIVELY redefines women’s lingerie from that image of a VS Angels–which men created. You can read more here about the founder of LIVELY, a previous Victoria’s Secret employee. Michelle Cordeiro Grant reset the standards of ‘sexy’ and is known today for fighting the industry standards.

Affordable + Perks

Grant also knew that an everyday clothing item, which women need, shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg which is why she made her brand affordable. As a bonus, the more bras you buy on LIVELY’s site the better deal you get. Bundle two or three bras and automatically save. It’s kind of like having a semi-annual sale but year-round. Shopping for basic wardrobe essentials can be expensive for women, so it’s a sweet deal that’s hard to let pass. As the cherry on top, I have a $10-off discount code for first purchase orders.

Just use my code AMB-Kats_connections in the “add a discount code” at checkout.

Expanded coverage

I couldn’t put it into better words than what is stated on the website’s fit guide.

“At LIVELY, authenticity and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. What better way to showcase the fit of our products than on a range of body types that celebrate diversity and human uniqueness.”

LIVELY Fit Guide

It’s not a brand that wants to change women’s bodies into one image. It’s a brand that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of every woman’s body. Body shaming has been an issue in many industries for far too long and it’s refreshing to find a brand that wants to support women just as they are. The sizing ranges from 30A -40 DD and I’ve seen more variety in the colors as the brand has continued to grow. The positive message about body types is enough to make me want to support LIVELY in their products and efforts to redefine the current body-shaming industry.

Vacay Mode Encouraged

A brand that not only supports women but also encourages vacationing in a place where the weather requires a bathing suit is another level of love. The swim collection offers both single and two-piece bathing suits in a variety of patterns and colors. If my wallet allowed it, I’d probably have the entire collection in my closet ready to go for when #vacaymode is in play.

Travel Friendly

No wire, no problem. Just roll these bras up in a tight little bundle and pack with ease. In the three years of traveling with this brand–abroad to Australia and all over the USA–I’ve never had wrinkly bras or support issues. I still have bras from my original purchase in 2018 that are still good as new. The quality of these affordable bras is impeccable.

It’s Sustainable

I always look for brands that are moving toward a better future for our planet. When I learned LIVELY started a collection of sustainable products made from recycled material I was impressed. I liked LIVELY for its female-empowered messages but they stole my heart as soon as they made a decision to help our earth. I recommend the sports bra and leggings from this collection because they epitomize the BTS song ‘Smooth like Butter.’ It’s the silkiest pair of leggings I own and I wear them quite frequently–and they are still like new!

Get Your Glow On

Seeing as I brought my favorite pair of leggings into the mix already, it makes a good segue into their active collection. I’ve been working out with LIVELY’s products for a couple years now. I haven’t had any pilling, shrinking, or quality issues with their activewear and I don’t want you to think I’m just going on runs. I’ve been doing boot camps, yoga, HIIT, and barre classes in these clothes. It’s fair to say my sweat has drenched my LIVELY leggings time and time again and my clothes still don’t show signs of wear and tear.

Lounging Is a Necessity

Everyone needs to feel like royalty when going to bed. I mean, wouldn’t we all love to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? LIVELY’s regal lounge collection has been a hot ticket since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and people needed new #wfh attire. If you’re like I used to be and have too many comfortable excuses to take a nap, then I suggest giving a LIVELY pajama set as a great Christmas gift this year. Your loved ones will thank you.

You can buy the LIVELY crop hoodie in the LIVELY merch collection. Don’t forget to get $10 off your first order with my link or use my code at checkout:


Are you already a fan of LIVELY products or other female-owned brands? Let me know how you’re #livinglively! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Live Wandering to be updated on new content about fitness, lifestyle, wellness, and travel.

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