Fall Pieces Transitioning Through the Holidays

As Halloween crept closely and went on its way, I felt inspired to share my autumn decor that transitions from Halloween festivities through the Thanksgiving season. Arguably, I can use some of these decorative items for December. Still, my Minnesotan roots lean toward buffalo check patterns, red and black flannels, and Santa-inspired colors for the Holiday season. One day, I’ll decorate the outside of my (future) home with exciting decorations and blow-ups to join the neighborhood spirit but for now, my apartment is the space I get to decorate and I’m content with that.

I spent my teenage years wearing off-brand Ugg boots which inspired my twenty-eight-year-old self to dive into the cozier side of my apartment. I’m always a fan of keeping things simple and neat. I stick with monochromatic themes while adding accented pieces to add pops of color. I love cuddling up to these Koolaburra pillows with the blanket snuggling my legs while I read a book and sip hot cider before bed.

Shop: Koolaburra by UGG Bella Faux Fur Throw Pillow; Koolaburra by UGG Bella Faux Fur Throw

Lotus flowers have a powerful spiritual meaning and while they represent growth and rebirth in some cultures they can also be very relaxing. The low-light tea candle holders are great for creating ambiance in the evening to set the mood for self-care or dinner with your loved ones.

Shop: (Similar) Wax Pumpkin; (Similar) Lotus Tealight Holders

Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons but the scents of fall bring me so much joy. I love the smell of apple cider and pumpkin spice but I especially enjoy the scent of caramel. While caramel is a delicacy used year-round, there’s something about the fall season that triggers my brain to want more confectionary flavors in my home. The association could come from the memories I have of eating caramel apples and enjoying hayrides in my childhood. In any case, these Threshold candles are amazing, potent, and fill my home with lovely fall scents.

Shop: Warm Cider and Spice Candle, Vanilla Pumpkin, Caramel Latte Candle

As seasons change, not a day goes by I don’t see squirrels or other woodland creatures scampering around the parks in Minnesota. I believe animals should be appreciated year-round but I tend to have more of a woodland decor theme in one of the corners of my apartment to remind me of the last stretch before winter arrives. The animals are all preparing for winter during this time and I feel it’s a happy reminder to us all that as the seasons change we need to remember to stop and appreciate what we have at the moment.

(Similar) Straw Fox; Squirrel; Raccoon; Hedgehog; (Similar) Pumpkin

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