Pumice Stones: the natural way to make your home smell fresher

If you haven’t thought about adding lava stones to your wellness routine, you might want to stop by your nearest crystal shop to get one. Recently, I came across a natural way to diffuse oils that I hadn’t seen before. By chance, I perused the shelves of a Minneapolis florist shop and found myself purchasing a new fragrance oil, one stone, and a small artisan dish. I got home and immediately put the dish in the bathroom, placed the stone in the middle, and splashed oil droplets as a finishing touch. While it may have looked like I was doing a cleansing ritual with the rock, I was actually setting up a diffuser for my bathroom.

In the Brown & Greene shop, I felt skeptical when I read the sign explaining that the porous pumice rocks can diffuse oil. After talking with the staff I decided to give it a try and found myself smelling countless natural oils until I found my favorite. I was torn on a few different scents while scavenging the wall of fragrance but Beach Fire won by a landslide once the smokey scent hit my nose.

I’m grateful for investing in this diffusing set because I use Beach Fire daily. It’s been over a month and I found little need to refill the dish with oil because it lasts for a long time. When I first set up the diffuser, I used 15-20 drops and let it sit for a day. To freshen the pores, I simply flip the rock upside down in the oil or add a couple drops on top if I don’t want to get my fingers full of fragrance oil. I have yet to default from using Beach Fire as my signature aroma but when I do in the future, I read it’s best to get a new lava rock and dish to keep the scents from mixing. Maybe I’ll try a cedar or pine scent the next time I stop in the store.

I thought I knew everything about lava rocks but was pleasantly surprised to learn of the ability to diffuse oils. Pumice is a fabulous stone for more than its diffusing properties. In the crystal world, lava stones’ spiritual meaning is to ground the user in their root chakra. An alternative use for pumice is to exfoliate the skin while in the shower or bath. I often use this on my feet to soften calluses. This stone also is revered for its appearance. The texture and nature of the rock elevate the feng shui of spaces and are often used in interior design. I’ll definitely be putting lava rocks on my Christmas list this year because of their versatility in wellness.

Have you tried the lava rock diffusing method yourself? Let me know in the comments below. For more wellness, travel, and lifestyle topics follow Live Wandering by subscribing to the crew.

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