What I Learned After Using Reiki for a Year

As the final part of my 2021 recap series and the start of the new year, I decided it was finally time to talk about a major part of my life that has helped me discover myself in so many ways. Around one year ago, I received my certification in reiki: a holistic energy practice that helps to heal a person’s body, mind, and soul. This energy practice became a foundational method of holistic wellness that I never knew I needed in my life.

Reiki isn’t a magical element that creates instant results. I just want to be clear about that. It means something different for everyone even though at its core, it’s a healing technique. For me, it’s a way of life. It’s a lifestyle that I have adapted to as the months and challenges have come and gone. There are times I use reiki simply to find lost items around my apartment and other times I use reiki to ground myself in an emotionally trying conversation. Every day I use reiki when I drive, eat, and work out. It’s become habitual and although it definitely drives me to be the person I’m chasing, I know that it also helps the person I was too.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique taught for generations to reduce stress and increase relaxation while assisting in healing.

paraphrased from William Lee Rand

Let me back up and explain for those that may not understand. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that has been taught for generations. One can learn this skill both in-person and through virtual training. In January 2021, I received my Reiki level I & II certifications through the Golden Reiki Center which I highly recommend if you’re looking to get certified. To make things simple, as an energy healer I channel positive energy from the highest power–no matter the religion whether it be the universe, god, or a giant ball of energy–and that positive energy is what treats emotional or physical issues a client may be experiencing. When I call upon the Reiki energy, I simply place my hands above the client’s body over the chakras I am focused on at that moment. No touching o disrobing is involved and negative energy is cleansed. The process is the same at a distance with the exception that I place my hands over a stuffed animal or pillow and send the healing energy to wherever the client resides in the world–it’s pretty fascinating actually.

Now that we are all on the same page, let me tell you how I used reiki in my daily activities over the past twelve months. Starting with my weekly routine, I water houseplants like anyone else. What makes my routine slightly different is that I treat the water with reiki first before spraying or pouring any onto my plants. I set intentions while using reiki that the water will give the plants the nutrients it needs for the week and that any possible over or underwatering will not cause the plants any harm.

For myself, I use reiki on my tea and food before consuming it. I’ve had stellar meditation sessions that started with a cup of hot tea which I used reiki on prior to consuming. Tea isn’t the only hot water I will reiki though as 2021 has progressed I have experienced tough workouts in our little gym at home. Sore muscles deserve a bath and if you didn’t guess it already then I’ll let you know that I reiki my bath and shower water with intentions of relaxing my muscles, easing soreness, and breaking up the lactic acid. I try to keep intentions set so I’ll be recovered for the next day’s workout feeling well-rested.

Reiki does wonders for my body on the inside as it does on the outside. I’ve experimented with acne issues and discovered reiki works wonders when used on healing products that I put on my face to treat blemishes faster. I tried to go off a hormonal medication for the past 6 months but found it’s something I would rather stay on as my hormones need the balancing. I tried to balance myself with reiki without taking medication. However, I think I’ve discovered that while I prefer holistic practices, I do think meditation in moderation is a solution to balancing my hormone levels back to normal. So with the combined power of reiki and hormonal control, my skin is finally back in a controllable state.

As you may have gathered, reiki can be used on living and non-living things. I frequently reiki my laptop for work or cleanse crystals for meditation. My poor laptop has been working itself to glitches and screen death. I work a remote job, use it for virtual reiki clients, and to update Live Wandering so it’s truly my income source and I’ve had to reiki my laptop several times the past year to keep the little lass alive.

After using reiki for a year, I find myself being grounded, mindful, and having an increased sense of intuition. Reiki is definitely a patient practice and deserves to be used with focus and intent. No ill will can come from reiki as it’s channeled with the most positive energy imaginable. As you can see, I do use reiki in all aspects of my life including fitness, nutrition, wellness, work, and even my relationships. I honestly didn’t cover half of the uses I find for reiki on a daily–even hourly–basis. It’s second nature for me to use reiki and sometimes it isn’t a conscious thought when I set intentions and call forth the holy fire. It’s more of a reaction or reflex at this point. It’s a part of my life that I never knew I needed and has truly made me closer to the person I want to become.

As of right now, I’m working on an official booking site for 2022 to offer 45-minute reiki sessions. If you’d like more information about a virtual reiki session with me, please email me at info@livwandering.com.

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Testimonials from Clients

To clear any confusion, please note that I use my pen name “Kat” for the Live Wandering brand. However, I use my legal, name Kenzie, when I practice reiki as I like to give to most honest and down-to-earth sessions possible when working with a client. This may be the only time I bring up the name difference to those who are reading, so unless you already received the story, you know that much more about me on a personal level than other people. 😉

“Reiki is a complete gentle and holistic approach to body recovery and healing. With Kenzie, everything is relaxed, positive, and balanced. She is very intuitive and her energy is extremely strong. Yet, compassionate and uplifting too. She connected with me and discovered healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Her healing ability is pure and amazing.”

— Kelly R., Minnesota-based client

“I was skeptical at first but Kenzie’s reiki services were extremely relaxing and rejuvinating. She makes it a comfortable enviornment and truly made it a great experience.”

— Daniel D., California-based client

“My first Reiki treatment with Kenzie was long-distance. Admittedly, I was sceptical at first as I’d only ever experienced in-person reiki. I was in a place in my life where I had an incredible amount of anxiety attacks and back pain. I was struggling physically and emotionally but the session filled me with warmth and energy. I came-to with tears in my eyes and a new sense of peace feeling incredibly relaxed and at ease. She not only told me about the emotional blockages she had seen in my chakras and cleared out as best she could but also advised me on how I can go about helping myself to prevent the blockages in the future. She was exactly what the doctor ordered.”

— C. Allan, Colorado-based client

“These past two years have been very stressful for all of us. My long time friend, Kenzie, introduced me to the power of reiki and how helpful it can be. With only a couple of sessions, she helped me acheive a state of mind and calmness I could have never gotten to on my own. I highly recommend Kenzie and her services! She was very professional and soothing.”

— Thomas S., Florida-based client

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