Ocean Reiki in Puerto Vallarta

The Little Mermaid was my favorite fairytale growing up. Ariel with her fiery red hair, beautiful voice, fearlessness to explore new places, and determination to fight for love inspired my young heart. I can’t tell you the number of times I watched the film to see Ariel finally receive her happily ever after in a castle by the sea. It’s become a dream of mine bar the castle and enjoy the ocean’s powerful and healing energy.

I didn’t notice it at first but as I aged I found myself drawn to the ocean and water in general. It could be the fact I took so much heart into my favorite childhood movie or it could be that I’m a Cancerian. In any case, I find myself the most aware, at peace, and living my life to the fullest when I’m near the ocean. During the few years I lived on the coasts, I felt blessed to experience life near the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. What I found was that my desire to live by the ocean has become more of a need especially now that I’m back in the land of the frozen 10,000 lakes.

At least once a year, I plan a trip to the ocean where I can feel its free-flowing energy. This year’s trip explored the coast of a resort town in Mexico called Puerto Vallarta. While my vacation was planned for other reasons, I started to ponder the idea of the ocean and its energy. My intuitive perception of energy had grown since the last time I was near any large body of water due to my reiki master attunement. I became curious to know how the water would feel the next time I felt it with my attunement.

Playas Gemelas Condominios balcony view

After planning out the location, time, and day for my reiki session, I decided to feel the ocean right outside my beachside lodging. The beach along the property was bustling with people and loud music. A crowd of people actively lounged, swam, and paddled in their kayaks. It was perfect. Typically, a reiki session involves a quiet space and spa music to induce a relaxed state of mind. This beach wasn’t the usual environment for a reiki session albeit the ocean was crashing just the same on the beach. I welcomed the chaos. It acted as a test to see how the ocean felt regardless of the actions happening around me.

To make my session a little easier, I chose a spot near rocks that acted as a roadblock so people wouldn’t come walking through the area I set for reiki. After entering the water and making sure I had an algae-covered rock for support, I dug my feet into the sand and felt the waves wash over my legs and abdomen. The water was warm and I felt my mind buzzing as I began my reiki session. I felt people staring at me but it wasn’t the eyes of strangers that worried me. Ever since I was little, I fear not being able to see what is coming at me. In this case, there was a particular marine animal that had me feeling anxious.

If you have followed me on Instagram then you know I’m not a fan of sharks. It isn’t a loathe-hate relationship as much as it is a dynamic of respect for their power and instincts to survive. I assume if I step into their territory that means anything can happen. While I appreciate sharks for their beauty and strength, I’d rather keep my interactions with them as minimal as possible. Now that you have context, back to my reiki session. I was feeling uneasy about the irrational idea that a shark would sneak up on me and take a chomp out of my leg. While that is quite ridiculous, I think watching the opening scenes of The Little Mermaid taught me to always expect the unexpected when exploring new territory.

Regardless of my fear, I focused on intentional breathing while also feeling the reiki energy in my hands. As time passed, I felt my mind slip from my worries and my experience positively changed exponentially. The waves I felt hit my skin eventually had my body moving each time the ocean pulsed. My mind fell quiet and I was one with the ocean. There was no one else on the beach. No buildings, no cars, no waiters, or beachgoers. Just the ocean and I existing as one. When it breathed so did I. The co-existence felt like I could understand the reality of yin and yang.

My session ended after twenty-five minutes and as I made my way back toward the beach, my friend asked if I had noticed the kayaker that paddled around me for fifteen minutes. I brushed it off but as I looked back over the filmed footage I realized just how deeply I was immersed in the energies around me. A kayaker kept paddling within ten feet of my location and I hadn’t a clue they were there. Instead, I was with the waves, feeling the healing energy, and enjoying the peace the ocean brought me.

My first time filming a reiki video was quite the experience. I appreciate the knowledge I gained while setting up for the shoot and will keep noise, location, and timing in mind for the future. Next time, I’ll pick a quieter and less busy space so I can enjoy and film the session for as long as I need rather than wondering if I am blocking someone’s view for the entirety of filming.

My final thoughts on the reiki energy during the session was that is was a bit stronger and I felt it quicker than usual. Overall, I think the ocean surprised me in an expected way. Its energy is a formidable foe against societal pressures and stresses we engage on a day-to-day basis. People want to vacation at destinations that make them feel relaxed so its no surprise that being in the ocean and pairing it with reiki allowed me to become relaxed within a matter of minutes. My test was completely blown out of the water–pun intended–by the ocean’s ability to calm an open mind willing to connect. Reiki is a powerful tool that I am grateful to have for my daily rituals. Combining it with the ocean’s calm energy was an experience I wish I could share with everyone–and I plan to via videos.

If you’re interested in my future reiki videos which promote calmness and relaxation, then please stay tuned by subscribing below. I hope to release a handful of full-length reiki sessions on this website by the end of 2022. As of right now, I am not teaching any reiki courses at the moment but that may change in the future which would be announced on this blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts about reiki, energy, and holistic healing in the comments below. Everyone has different and sometimes similar experiences and that is completely normal when working with nature and energies. Sharing these stories and talking about them in a safe space is really my goal for this blog.

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