TikTok Energy Healing and Diving Into My Reiki Background

I have been asked the question during my virtual Reiki sessions, “why don’t you move your hands like the TikTok energy healers?” At first, I was really confused by the question. Naturally, I wanted to investigate. After looking at other Reiki videos on social platforms, I saw a lot of the same type of content: ASMR, hand motions in front of the camera, and very distinct intentions set for the viewers on niche topics.

The best answer I can provide for why my sessions and short Reiki videos are so different from popular content is that every Reiki practitioner has their own connection to energy. Reiki isn’t a religion but it used to be seen as taboo. Now Reiki is becoming recognized as it’s used throughout the world–and on social media–as a relaxing and stress relief technique that was passed down through the ages after originating in Japan. Reiki is something anyone can learn as long as they go to a certified teacher and because it doesn’t follow a religion it makes it accessible for pretty much anyone to learn.

In the videos I create, I don’t have to be present on camera. As I send Reiki behind the scenes it works just as effectively as being on camera. I prefer to show scenic and aesthetic visuals to help relax the viewers and set a different pace from other videos on social media. We all know too well that we can get caught scrolling through countless videos. Knowing this, I try to set a peaceful or aesthetic home scene to give viewers’ eyes and minds a break while they receive energy. Keep in mind, Reiki respects everyone’s will. So if someone doesn’t wish to receive Reiki, then they won’t and they’ll get to watch a relaxing video nonetheless.

When I make these videos, I connect to the Holy FireĀ® energy and set the intention of what viewers’ will receive as they watch the video. One video’s intention may focus on calming watchers. In another video, I may set the intention of healing physical and emotional wounds. Other times, I’ll focus on specific chakras. Most of the time, I write what intention is being set in the video and its description. Viewers can watch the videos as often as they want. I enjoy creating these videos as it’s a creative outlet for me besides the blog. I have a video below that showcases my “style” of Reiki videos.


Hi, I’m new here. I plan to create many aesthetic, nature, and travel reiki videos. Wellness and self-care are incredibly important to me and I want to give everyone a chance to relax and feel calm amidst the chaos and excitement of social media. šŸ˜Š #reiki #reikimaster #energyhealing #scenicview #calm #anxiety #wellness #selfcare #natureisbeautiful #lakesunset

ā™¬ Reiki – Musical Spa

My Credentials

I received my training through the Golden Reiki Center which is part of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). My certification means that I completed the Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master Holy FireĀ® III courses. Levels I and II are learning the basics of how to practice Reiki. Completing the Holy FireĀ® III course gave me the ability to start teaching Reiki levels I, II, and III in person and over long distances. My attunement with Holy FireĀ® allows me to send Reiki while directly connecting to the healing spiritual energies. I’ll explain that more below.


There are different Reiki organizations out there but as a personal choice, I studied under ICRT to learn the Holy FireĀ® upgrade, which is unique to ICRT. Holy FireĀ® attunement gives me a direct connection to spiritual energies that in turn provide guidance, empowerment, healing, purification, and a sense of wholeness to clients as I give Reiki.

What I love about Holy FireĀ® is that it is powerful and gentle at the same time. When I send Reiki, the Holy FireĀ® energy is so pure and I feel its energies flowing through my body. This Reiki upgrade purifies, heals, guides, and empowers those receiving it. This spiritual energy continually works even when the receiver isn’t conscious of it anymore. For example, if a Reiki session is 30 minutes, the healing and relaxing energy can last hours or days after the session regardless if the receiver isn’t conscious of its presence.

How do you send Reiki through your videos if you aren’t on camera?

As I mentioned earlier, in order to send Reiki I don’t need to be seen. While it makes clients comfortable for practitioners to be on camera during long-distance sessions, I don’t find it to be necessary when I create videos. During my privately booked sessions, I make sure to always stay on camera so clients will feel at ease unless requested otherwise b the client.

Where can I find your Reiki videos?

Currently, TikTok is the only social platform I have designated to Reiki. My personal and blog Instagram profiles are more about aesthetics, travel, and general wellness posts. I hope to create longer videos on YouTube as a free resource for people to use whenever they feel stressed and aren’t able to schedule a Reiki session.

How do I know I am receiving Reiki?

A Reiki session is a different experience for everyone. Some people see colors, others get messages, have tingling sensations, experience nothing, or feel relaxed; there really isn’t one way to experience Reiki. It’s individualized. In a similar manner, Reiki practitioners experience different things when giving Reiki. It really depends on the individual and the training received.

Do you teach Holy FireĀ® Reiki I, II, or II classes? Do you book private Reiki sessions?

Currently, I don’t regularly teach classes. I also am not taking on new clients at the moment. However, if either becomes available, I will update Live Wandering as soon as that happens. Right now, I just create Reiki videos and I encourage you to browse my healing energy videos.

I hope this clarifies any questions about my videos and Reiki practice. Feel free to use the contact form or comment below if you have any questions. I’d love to hear about some of our favorite Reiki experiences. I’m more than happy to answer.

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Kenzie is based in Minneapolis, MN and works as a writer, reiki practitioner, and administrative assistant. To connect with her, please use the contact page.


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