My Grocery List Staples to Keep Good Habits After a Breakup

As I sit in a slump with my most recent breakup, I keep trying to find the energy and motivation to keep moving toward “the me” I am chasing. While I know the breakup was something that had to happen, I just can’t shake this feeling of needing to write about the process of my broken heart. To be honest, I wrote a draft called Staples For My Grocery List to Fight Back Against Stubborn Breakup Weight. Little did I know, I’d be editing and using this article for myself in a fortnight.

As a side note, I want to point out, it’s okay to recognize that you’re not doing okay. Society pushes for us to please others by being happy all the time but that’s not realistic. It’s okay to not be okay and it’s mature to let other people know that you aren’t doing okay. Hiding our emotions just causes buildup and repressed feelings. We aren’t robots. We are human beings with emotions and we should feel allowed to express them (when appropriate to do so). I’m not saying to tell a stranger your life story but if you aren’t up to going out with friends one night then take the time for yourself. You owe it to yourself to take the time and care you need. You are your number one caretaker.

I’m still working on this for myself. It is almost a week after my breakup but it feels so much longer. In this critical time of needing to let my emotions flow, I know it’s important to keep good habits that I will thank myself for later. No relationship is worth losing yourself over. No matter how much I desperately want to give in to Ben & Jerry. Those bad moments would surely become habits and in turn, destroy everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve in 2022. My fitness and nutrition are key points I want to focus on during this time. I’m not one to force myself to go to class at a specific time or to follow a strict routine for weeks on end. As if the universe intended it to be so, Instagram ads forced a company into my feed repeatedly which led me to my workout savior, Alo Yoga. Alo has made the task of keeping my best interests in mind easier to accomplish. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about Alo Moves soon so stay tuned to the blog for an in-depth review.

As I try my best to care for my emotional state and my body, I keep my eating habits in mind as well. Currently, I have food staples that help me stay on track. I had an occasional bad night so far but overall I feel good about where I’m at during this emotional time. I’m actually transitioning over to a new diet this following week per the doctor’s orders and I have a feeling I will cover that in the future on this blog as well. Spoiler alert: heard of the Low-FODMAP diet? For now, I’m just going to share the list of food staples that worked for me so far in my adulthood.

The list below doesn’t cover any specific diet but rather it’s the foods I eat to fuel my body and what feels good after I eat it. I’m not a dietician, a nutritionist, or anywhere near certified in this field but I do know that every single person is unique. Our physiology is ultimately the same but zooming in on our unique makeup truly shows a difference. So, what works for me may not work for you. I’ve simply discovered what works for my body through trial and error–and I’m still discovering. Our bodies are ever-changing. As I made the list I couldn’t help ⭐ favoriting items that I get excited about when I restock. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make us the happiest, you know?

= Top Favorites

Costco Steals

  • Aussie Bites⭐
  • Siete Tortillas⭐
  • Feta Amazing Deal
  • Salmon
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Butter
  • Collagen Peptides⭐
  • WildRoots Paleo Nutty Chocolate Trail Mix

Thrive Market

  • Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Granola
  • Organic A Grade Maple Syrup
  • Organic Spices Cayenne is a favorite
  • Coconut Wraps⭐
  • jovial Grain-Free Pasta
  • Fairlife Fat-free milk

Target à la Carte

  • Kevin’s Natural Foods
  • So Good So You Detox Shots⭐
  • Suja Juices (Uber Greens, Immunity, Lemon Love)
  • Siete Seasoning Spices⭐
  • Simple Mills Grain-Free Snacks
  • Simple Mills Grain-Free Baking Mixes
  • Califia Almond Milk/Coconut Almond Milk⭐

Trader Joes

  • Frozen Acai Bowls⭐
  • Cocoa Truffles⭐I need to satisfy my sweet tooth somehow

Local Favorites

  • Stevia Drops⭐
  • Capello’s Grain-Free Pasta⭐
  • Primal Kitchen Condiments and Sauces⭐
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Dates
  • Avocados⭐
  • Bananas
  • Lemons
  • Tomatoes/Sundried
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Peppers
  • Greens/Kale/Spinach
  • Truvani⭐

That completes my condensed grocery list. I have many more items I could add but then it wouldn’t be a simple list. To see what I make regularly check out my Pinterest Board. If you can relate to this article, I would love to read about it in the comment section. For more updates on Live Wandering, subscribe and like below.



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