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As someone that enjoyed athletic sports in my youth and carried the interest into college, I found the more active I am the happier I am. I’ve fluctuated in my fitness level over the past 10 years–which is okay–but it led me to discover what kinds of workouts make me feel the best. I’ve tried different ways to stay fit and running seemed to be my favorite way to get daily stresses out for a while. Now that I’m back in Minnesota, running isn’t as easy with the cold snowy winters. My next plan of attack was working at a gym but that only lasted for so long before I realized I didn’t fit in with the gym culture. Rather than feel like a misfit, I rediscovered my passion for yoga. I usually like a more intense workout to get in cardio but some days you need a mindful stretch.

With my need for both soft and intense workouts, I found the perfect platform to get the best of both worlds. In the past, I tried Vshred and Fabletics workouts but I still felt like I wasn’t getting what I needed from the services. I was used to workouts for athletes and wanted to feel that same burn again. That’s when Instagram’s algorithm repeatedly pushed Alo Moves in my direction. I had heard of Alo Yoga before but I was intrigued by the workout platform that provided mind, body, nutrition, and spiritual classes.


Shortly after clicking “start my free trial” my world opened to the possibilities of Alo. Unlike other platforms I’ve tried in the past, Alo releases new series of classes consistently so members will always have new content. With the plethora of classes comes a variety of instructors. On previous workout platforms, there wasn’t a lot of diversity so it’s great to see a wide range of instructors being included. Each instructor has their own distinct style and while it took some time for me to find a few favorites, all of the instructors are worth trying.


Finding classes is easy with the selection tools available to members. You can choose the type of workout, yoga, or mindfulness session you are craving. If you are undecided, you can always select the length and intensity of the workout to view your class options.


Alo’s variety of classes can be done with body weight and a yoga mat but some classes require accessories like weights or bands. The different types of fitness classes include cardio, arms, sculpt, pilates, etc. You’re bound to find the type of workout that calls to you with their seemingly endless supply of videos. As I mentioned earlier, Alo incorporates mindfulness into their yoga practice. Even though Alo Moves does have intense fitness classes, they are a yoga company that focuses on the holistic view of yoga. Some yoga companies lose the original intention behind yoga and forget to include the spiritual connection. Alo doesn’t forget the importance of this and offers mindfulness classes in addition to fitness and yoga. These calmer videos include face massages, breathwork, sound bowls, and guided meditations.

Final Thoughts

Overall, for the price of the membership, you have a holistically healthy lifestyle accessible to you at the click of your mouse. I finally have workouts that feel good when I’m doing them and I’m seeing results. I’m also drawn to Alo because they have a holistic approach to wellness where they want to take care of the body, mind, and spirit. To top it all off, they offer a free trial before asking for commitment. So if you’re not sure whether to give it a go, I encourage you to do the trial. You can use my link below.

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