The Best Natural Glow Using Halotherapy

Newcomers walking into a salt cave for the first time can have an unexpected shock. One could assume the soft peachy glow exuding from the meditation space would feel warm and cozy. Deceptive to touch, the salt cave remains a cooler temperature to provoke awareness in the body and mind as guests relax in the designated chairs. Since its introduction to the U.S. in 2014, halotherapy is defined as the treatment of breathing salt air. People of all ages can reap the benefits of breathing the salt air and no known side effects have been documented. Due to its diverse properties, the popularity of halotherapy spiked in 2018 and the salt industry was born. Today, salt cave seekers can visit a salt spa almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the most enchanting spas in the U.S. are located in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, and New York City.

Benefits of Halotherapy

Research and scientific studies are ongoing on the benefits of halotherapy but many people claim that it aids in increasing respiratory function, detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system, and enhancing the skin’s appearance. In addition, a handful of studies loosely show that dry halotherapy may discourage mental disorders like depression and anxiety as well as improve sleep patterns.

Glow at Home

As the salt therapy grew, so did the desire to take the salt cave home with the guests. Salt lamps can be found almost anywhere but purchasing one from a salt spa gives the glowing lamp a more authentic feel. These crystal lamps are said to disperse negative ions and detoxify the air by drawing impure water particles into the salt rock. These claims are still being studied today as to exactly how they benefit the users. Many spiritual and yoga spaces include salt lamps to give the space a cleaner and less toxic vibration. Researchers still have yet to prove if the negative ions truly benefit its user and clean the air around them but for immediate results, I suggest looking into charcoal filters.

Other Uses for Himalayan Salt

Pink salt is also known for other benefits other than creating a zen space. The edible small crystalized Himalayan salt contains over ten times the minerals that table salt has. Also, other salts have been exposed to pollutants like micro-sized plastic from the oceans or landfills, unlike Himalayan salt which was formed prior to the creation of human-created pollution. The pink salt naturally derives from some of the oldest salt mines which make this a perfect organic alternative to processed table salt. Himalayan salt can also be used in baths to soak sore or fatigued muscles. Studies show salt baths can increase positive feelings and eliminate stress and pain when soaking for ten minutes or longer. Testimonials claim salt baths can clear skin, reduce rashes, and calm irritants such as bug bites. In spiritual practices, the bath can help clear chakras, disband negative energy, and clarifying insight.

Halotherapy’s popularity may have plateaued during the Coronavirus due to restrictions but decorating with the peachy crystal glow at home is still in high demand. Would you try or have you experienced halotherapy in a place near you? Tell me in the comments below how you use Himalayan salt in your spiritual practice.

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