Celebrating My 10,000 Dayversary: #my10kday

Last week, I celebrated my ten thousand days of being alive on this planet. For those that aren’t familiar, this milestone is exactly as it sounds. On the day, it was 10,000 days since I was born. This celebration isn’t widely celebrated in western cultures but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something worth mentioning.

After researching to see how I should celebrate #My10KDay, I discovered that Tool is the most popular topic. Although it would commemorate this special day perfectly, I can’t say that I can bear to listen to progressive metal music. I had to listen to that music back in my teens with an ex and that was more than enough for me.

I continued my investigation using multiple search engines and social platforms but I didn’t find anything that sparked my interest. One person ate ten thousand mini marshmallows throughout the day. While that’s quite a feat, I would like to enjoy marshmallows this holiday season. Other ideas suggested having a party or going somewhere new. While these are all valid ideas, they weren’t creating an exciting spark for me. So I had to get creative on my own within a budget.

I wanted to incorporate 10K as much as possible. I decided to do several things that would help me with this milestone day.

I started my day with ten thousand seconds of wellness. After doing the math, it’s about two hours and forty-six minutes (with extra change in seconds). To incorporate this timeframe, I worked out, practiced reiki, and meditated for that duration of time. I wanted to focus on my wellness. A lot of users that passed their 10k day said it was like a rebirth. I felt committed to something that would benefit me and extend into the future, almost like a rebirth.

For a workout, I decided to enjoy a 10K around several of the Minneapolis lakes. The sun was shining and the waves were rolling out beautiful sounds. To make my workout over the top, running a 10K is just over 10,000 steps for me.

You can’t have a celebration and not have cake. It doesn’t work that way. I dropped by a local bakery to see if they have a small cake. I thought it would be cute to have 10 “karrot” cake but they didn’t have any so I went with a red velvet instead.

As a Disney fan, I was curious to see if I could incorporate Disney into my special day. So I calculated the milestone birthday for Disney World, Disney Studios, and Disneyland. If you’re a Disney fan and haven’t dived into the history of the company, it’s very fascinating. Take a look here. Fun fact time!

I discovered:

  • Test Track opened just after Disney World’s 10K Day
  • Alice in Wonderland was released during Disney Studios’ 27th year of being established
  • EPCOT opened just before Disneyland’s 10k day.

The last thing I wanted to accomplish was to step up my blog game. I admit it. I have been slacking on creating new content for Live Wandering and I am terribly sorry to all my beloved followers. Life has been crazy the last two years and while I’m trying to post at least twice a month, it’s been challenging. In any case, I made it my point to type ten thousand words on my #10kday! This post isn’t ten thousand words but I did reach my goal which means several articles were written. Hooray for content!

Other than eating dinner out with my partner, I didn’t have anything else planned that day. It was a day centered around my wellness and I was comfortable taking the time I needed to do a workout, meditate, reiki, and spend time with just myself.

If you’re interested in knowing your 10k dayversary, you can calculate it here. Let me know in the comments below when was/is your 10k day?👇

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