Women’s Clothing Brands for the Tall Queens

Finding clothes that fit you is a luxury when you’re a tall and curvy woman. Pun intended. Designers make fashionable pieces for tall bodies but the price range isn’t a sustainable option and not all designs are made equal. When I invest in a piece, I look at the quality, style, and fit. I’m picky when I shop because for years I struggled with finding long enough wardrobe pieces for my tall frame. I had a closet filled with short pants, rolled long-sleeve shirts, and shirts paired with longer tanks so my torso would be covered. My teenage years were spent accepting that being tall meant I had to “deal with it” when clothes were too short or small for me.

One wouldn’t suspect a girl’s life to be impacted by her height but going to school in clothes that feel too short for you can be emotionally devastating in a society where women are pushed to be “thin and small.” Shopping in stores that aren’t inclusive to all sizes but deem they have curvy options or are one-size-fits-all can damage a young girl’s mindset. I hit a growth spurt at thirteen and forced myself to wear Hollister clothes that were trendy but made me feel like a giant ape. In high school, I wore whatever fit me best without finding my personal style. In hindsight, I had a horrible relationship with my body growing up and I know I’m not the only one affected negatively by the retail and fashion industries’ unrealistic standards of the female body. It wasn’t until my college years that I started to research tall clothing brands that would compliment my body. After trial-and-error, I finally found brands that cater to my height and additional accents to my wardrobe. I’m still expanding my search and keeping my eye out for brands that focus on polished and classy styles for tall women. For now, I’ve listed brands below that are worth every dollar spent.

Basics & Casual

Spanx: The Tall Shop

The inseam lengths speak for themselves:

Pants 35 in. (88cm)
Leggings 30 in. (76cm)
Jean-leggings 29.5 in. (74 cm)
Jumpsuits 33.5 in. (85 cm)

Reasons to love

Keeping it in and staying in place. Spanx bottoms hug my curves in all the right places. Their bottoms are comfortable enough to wear from day to night fits and I never feel my leggings move, roll, or cause me to break a nail from trying to keep them up all night.

Favorite fit

My favorite piece from this brand is the faux leather leggings (pictured left). They give just enough shine to make any outfit interesting.

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Vince: Nordstrom and T.J. Maxx

I mentioned earlier that tall fashion is luxury fashion. That being said, I like to invest in quality pieces. I discovered Vince at T.J. Maxx last month and have loved the sweaters I purchased. I paid a hefty amount for the few sweaters but I also know they are an investment.

No more chilly wrists

I’m six feet tall and that means my wing span is incredibly long. When I found these sweaters that actually fit my arm’s length. I was ecstatic. Incoming! Expect an aesthetic picture of me holding a hot mug with cozy sweater thumbs in the future.

Favorite find

My favorite jumper from my T.J. Maxx haul is the Vince Cable Knit Sweater. (Similar to first sweater pictured left)

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Professional Day to Night Out

NA-KD: Influencer Collections

If you’re like me and always on the lookout for fashion inspiration then this European site may be for you. When it comes to long clothes, I follow tall influencers with a similar height and build as myself. NA-KD collaborates with influencers to design collections specifically to their taste and style. It’s a gold mine for tall women–as long as you know who you’re looking for on their website.

Fits for your wardrobe

Finding your size with this brand might appear tricky at first but I recommend making things easier on yourself by getting your measurements. Remember, they are based in Europe so you’ll need to convert your measurements to centimeters if you’re in the United States.

Favorite collection for my body

Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are from the Romee Strijd x NA-KD collection.
(Gathered dress pictured left)

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Banana Republic: Tall Specified

They have a tall section. Need I say more? Yes. Actually, as much as I want to love this brand it can be hit or miss with sizing. The tall lengths of items are phenomenal but the chest and waist sizes fluctuate depending on the item. However, their return policy makes up for what they lack in inconsistent sizing.

Classics are never out of style

I can always rely on Banana Republic when the classics are involved. Time to get yourself a little black dress, pearls, and strappy heels for an iconic look.

Favorite universal piece

I’ve worn the Twist-Front Stain Shirtdress for afternoon tea, important meetings, and date nights. It’s an elegant dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the look you want to achieve. (Pictured left sold out)

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Active Wear


I’m giving lululemon applause for their 31 in. – 32 in. inseam (78 cm – 81cm) yoga pants. It’s not entirely inclusive for women taller than me but at least it’s a start.

Free tailor service

It may not be beneficial for us tall girls to get a complimentary hem on our leggings when we purchase lululemon products but they do repair your leggings if they get damaged.

Favorite Legging

I recently discovered lululemon’s buttery Nulu fabric and I never want to take them off. I wear my lulu’s for errands, workouts, and casual days at home.
(Align Tall Legging)

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I decided to include Fabletics on this list despite dropping out from their VIP list. I let it go a few months ago because I felt their style was taking off in a different direction than my wardrobe. However, I still wanted to include them because they have long leggings, shorts, and tops.

Long leggings

Even though I don’t buy from them anymore, I do still wear leggings from Fabletics that I purchased a while ago and I especially like the thicker leggings for colder days in Minnesota.

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This list is too short to cover all the online feminine tall clothing brands. The brands I mentioned are ones that I tried and found worked for my body. As I continue my research, I’m always taking recommendations for tall fashion inspiration. Please, comment recommendations below. It’s not only helpful to me but to other readers as well! Never miss travel, wellness, and lifestyle posts by subscribing below.

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