How I’m Taking Care of My Body, Mind, & Spirit in Quarantine. (Part 2)

In my last post I talked about how I’m bettering myself during COVID-19 by focusing on improving how my body feels. I listed a few recipes and at-home workout ideas that you may want to try. If you haven’t read that article first, I suggest you go ahead and read that first seeing as this is a three-part mindfulness series. So now that I’ve discussed my thoughts on the body, this post I’ll be talking about the mind.


Removing Clutter

Ever hear the phrase this phrase: “the first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t”? It feels really good to remove the clutter in my life that isn’t benefiting me. The clutter I am referencing is physical like my wardrobe or bedroom decor but also intangible such as my Instagram feed. I feel that society pressures us into buying or following things that we really don’t want or need. It gives me an ominous sensation that I’m losing control over my life and even more so, myself. As I clear out my Instagram feed, I feel the heaviness of pressure slowly lift away. I feel the same relief as I sell things on Mercari that don’t bring me joy. Overall, creating calrity in my life by removing unneccesary clutter grants me the power to become a better version of myself.


It’s silly to think it could be hard to recognize when your relationship with someone isn’t what it used to be. As people, we all grow, change, and experience things differently from other people. We will never experience the same thing as another person no matter how close you are to each other. That being said, no one can tell you how you feel or how you should think. We are our own souls; individuals that are perfectly unique. That’s something to celebrate. The relationship we have with ourselves is so important. It’s how we view ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. We are our closest companion. So why do we let ourselves listen to other people’s opinions about how we should look, feel, or act. It seems social media, commentators, and our relationships with other people tear us away from ourselves. Why is that? The only person that really knows yourself, is you. So if that’s the case, then why aren’t we nurturing ourselves? Why aren’t we protecting ourselves from negative influences and thoughts?

People stay in negative relationships all the time. People choose to keep hanging on to friendships, family relations, partners, or acquaintances that they don’t really feel connected to. It’s hard to say good-bye sometimes, but as I said before we are all human. Sometimes friends grow apart and their interests don’t align anymore in the way they did years ago. In some cases, one person in a relationship distances themselves over time. Despite the gap, one person randomly reaches out to the other trying to spark that connection back to life. Whether or not that relationship is toxic is up for the person receiving the spark to decide. I recently came into contact with a person I haven’t heard from in years. It turns out things didn’t end as badly as I thought but it does make me feel uneasy to let this person back into my life. It’s up to me to set the boundaries and protect my relationship with myself first. No matter this person’s intentions, I have to make sure I take care of my mind and well-being first. Maybe in the future, things will be different, but right now I’m listening to my mind and emotions and I want to cater to those as they evolve.

Feeling inspired by your own self-growth? I want to hear all about it! Let me know what you’re doing during this quarantine to better yourself.

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  1. […] In the second post of this series, I wrote about clutter and how its many forms can seem overwhelming in a person’s life if not monitored. To keep a positive space, I found trusting myself and building a better relationship with myself will give me the guidance I need to live a happy life. For those readers who still need to experience the first and second posts in this series, I highly recommend you start reading those before continuing this one. I wrote these posts as a series with the intention of demonstrating the small steps I took to focus on my self-growth. So, if we have that clear, then let’s move on to the third and final part of this series: Spiritual. […]


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