How I’m Taking Care of My Body, Mind, & Spirit in Quarantine. (Part 3)

In the second post of this series, I wrote about clutter and how its many forms can seem overwhelming in a person’s life if not monitored. To keep a positive space, I found trusting myself and building a better relationship with myself will give me the guidance I need to live a happy life. For those readers who still need to experience the first and second posts in this series, I highly recommend you start reading those before continuing this one. I wrote these posts as a series with the intention of demonstrating the small steps I took to focus on my self-growth. So, if we have that clear, then let’s move on to the third and final part of this series: Spiritual.


When I say spirit, I’m talking about your core that makes you unique. It’s the part of you that reaches into a higher place within yourself to discover your true passions and desires. I dedicated time daily for meditation sessions to stay determined in my practice to connect with my higher self. Ultimately, it made me happier. Happier in my work, my home life, and eventually it led me to discover new things out of a new-found confidence. As time has it, my practice hasn’t been as strong. It hasn’t gone away but I haven’t focused on being mindful as much as I used to. So, to reconnect with my higher self and consistently connecting with my chakras, I am making a point to meditate once a day with my Calm app. Calm sends me a reminder every day at the same time to stop and do nothing for an undefined amount of time. No matter what I am doing, I sit down and meditate in a quiet space.

Why Mindfulness Is Important

Like most practices, some days seem harder than others. Ultimately, it depends on your mindset. It’s freeing to take the time to sit, relax, and stay focused on letting go and focusing on your mindset . It’s about being mindful. Mindfulness comes in many forms and Thich Nhat Hanh was the one to teach me this.

You think you know how to eat, sit, see, walk, fight, love, and relax. In reality, most of us have no clue how to do any of those things. I haven’t read all of the Mindfulness Series by Thich Naht Hahn, but this question is strong enough to make me pause. I’ve started to read How To Eat, How To Walk, and How To Fight. This zen master writes in a simple way that is easy for anyone to understand his principles. He explains that the world is a rush. Society pushes people to live a quick-paced life and the focus should be on the next thing rather than the moment that is occurring. It’s as simple as a moment; living in the moment and not beyond it. Thich Naht Hahn is simply a reminder. He tells us that we have our life to live so we should live presently.


It’s so important to remember the things we are grateful for in life. The happiest people I have ever met are the people that are the most grateful. Grateful people have such a strong positive warmth surrounding them. They touch others in a way that no matter the mood others may be in, they are guaranteed to feel better after being around a grateful person. These people have a power that anyone can have. That power is appreciation. Being grateful for the love, food, items that they have.

It’s my hope that one day I can be that person who positively impacts whoever I meet while travelling. So, I’m taking steps–along with my boyfriend–to becoming more grateful. Every morning before we wake up and every night before we sleep, we take turns to listen to what the other is grateful for in their day and in life. I want to have the kind of impact where I can radiate grateful and positive energy on other people. That almost seems like a superpower. If I want it, I have to go after it. So I’ve gathered all of my journals in my room and put them by my bedside. The first thing I wrote down in my journal is how grateful I am for all of my readers.

So with crystals in hand, I’m about to close my laptop, go upstairs to do a well-deserved meditation session, listen to and talk with Daniel about gratitude and go to sleep.

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